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This CBS sitcom was Alan Alda’s second attempt at creating a television series (his first, We’ll Get By, ran for half a season in early 1975). It premiered to strong Nielsen ratings but CBS decided to pre-empt the series and then place it on a lengthy hiatus. A move away from the powerhouse that was 60 Minutes didn’t help either. Take a moment to read all about The Four Seasons:

This short-lived CBS television series, based on the 1981 film of the same title, was Alan Alda’s follow-up to M*A*S*H. He only appeared in the special one-hour premiere but was heavily involved behind the scenes. Jack Weston, reprising his role from the film, starred as Danny Weston, a dentist who moves with his wife from New York City to Los Angeles. The series followed the trials and tribulations of Danny, his family and his friends through the ups and downs of life. Thirteen episodes were aired between January and June of 1984.

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