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Earlier today I took a look at the best DVD releases of 2009 and it seems proper to now examine some of the television programs planned for 2010. I’ve relied heavily on, which is the single best place for news about TV on DVD, and suggest everyone keep an eye on the site for releases I may have missed. Also keep an eye on the Warner Archive, which has already released a slew of made-for-TV movies through its manufacture on demand program, including Mayday at 40,000 Feet!, Earth II, City Beneath the Sea (an unsold Irwin Allen pilot), Man from Atlantis (the first of four telefilms that led to the short-lived weekly series), and a pair of unsold pilots from Gene Roddenberry: Genesis II and Planet Earth.

The Archive of American Television Presents, a partnership between E1 Entertainment and The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, has two releases planned for January 26th, 2010: Leonard Bernstein: Omnibus – The Historic TV Broadcasts, containing seven episodes of the series originally broadcast between 1954 and 1958, and Orson Welles – King Lear: The Historic Omnibus Production, featuring the October 1953 broadcast of Shakespeare’s play. The Archive of American Television Presents released two sets in 2009: The Barbara Stanwyck Show – Volume 1 and What Makes Sammy Run?.

Perhaps the most surprising release is The Goldbergs – The Complete Series, which was announced earlier this month. It won’t actually include every single episode, given that many are considered lost, but reportedly Shout! Factory has pulled together some 60 episodes and will release them in “early 2010” through its direct to consumer program (pressed DVDs sold through their website). Another surprising release, which is just a rumor at this point, is When Things Were Rotten, which ran for 13 episodes on ABC in 1975. In September, reported that “things are looking good” for the complete series to hit DVD in 2010. Another rumor, this one from October, has ABC’s It Takes a Thief (originally broadcast between 1968 and 1970) coming to DVD. One release that appears to be a bit more than a rumor is Van Dyke and Company, a 1976 variety series that ran on NBC.

MPI Home Video plans to release The Rich Little Show, which ran for 13 weeks on NBC in 1976, sometime in 2010. In February, when I first wrote about another MPI Home Video release — both seasons of The Mothers-in-Law — I was surprised at the number of comments from fans eager to add the series to their collection. Unfortunately, the release was delayed but hopefully will come out sometime during the second quarter of 2010. Another delayed release is Big John, Little John, which now has an April 20th, 2010 release date. Finally, look for the first season of The Virginian on March 9th, 2010 from Timeless Media Group. It will be released in two volumes, each of which will contain 15 episodes from the 1962-1963 season.

What release are you looking forward to the most? Are there any shows you hope to see released during 2010 that haven’t been announced yet? If The Mothers-in-Law can make it, who knows what else may eventually see the light of day on DVD?

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5 Replies to “Coming to DVD in 2010”

  1. A few shows that I would like to see on DVD are

    1)Dragnet (Jack Webb/Harry Morgan years)-I have a set of Dragnet DVDs with Webb and Ben Alexander from the 50s

    2)Adam-12 which was a spin off of Dragnet.


    4)Ellery Queen (Jim Hutton/David Wayne version)



    7)Have Gun, Will Travel

    8)The Cisco Kid


    10) I Spy

    That’s all I will ask for of 2010 because there are more I would like but I don’t want my keyboard to overheat (LOL)

  2. Hey, don’t forget a biggie– unless Image Entertainment goes completely belly-up beforehand, we’ve got a complete series set of Boris Karloff’s THRILLER (with extras) coming our way from them in 2010, as well. I can’t wait for that one!

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