DVD Tuesday: The Donna Reed Show

After last week’s impressive roster of releases, the first Tuesday of December brings just two season sets of interest to fans of classic television. From Universal Home Video comes Saturday Night Live: The Complete Fifth Season, with all 20 episodes from the 1979-1980 season, including the landmark 100th episode that featured no host. Also out today is The Donna Reed Show: Season Three, from Virgil Films and Entertainment. In addition to all 38 episodes from the 1960-1961 season, the set includes a question and answer session featuring Paul Petersen (who played Jeff Stone) and Mary Owen (Donna Reed’s daughter) filmed in 2008, a Christmas greeting from the cast and a reproduction of a letter from a World War II soldier to Donna Reed.

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  1. SONY has a similar attitude that NBC/Universal has- they only care about the more “recent” TV shows in their library {“SANFORD & SON”, “GOOD TIMES”, “BARNEY MILLER”, “BEWITCHED”, “I DREAM OF JEANNIE”, etc.} to release on DVD, while their older series- especially those in black and white- are either ignored, or released by license through another company…as “THE DONNA REED SHOW” currently is. Well, it’s good that Virgil Films & Entertainment has released three seasons already; we’ll see if it’s popular enough for all eight to be issued within the next two years…

  2. I don’t know if you can go by the popularity of “The Donna Reed Show” as being the reason for the releasing of all ‘Eight Seasons’ of this series. You see Donna Reed’s children only have the Legal Rights to the first ‘Five Seasons’ regarding their Mother’s TV Show! The remaining three seasons of this show belongs to various Share Holders which involve Music Rights.

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