Gene Barry (1919-2009)

Actor Gene Barry passed away on Wednesday at the age of 90. His television career began in 1950 with guest spots in a variety of programs. In 1955 he landed a recurring role on Our Miss Brooks as Gene Talbot and in 1958 landed the role of Bat Masterson in Bat Masterson. From 1963 to 1966 he played Amos Burke, first in Burke’s Law and later in Amos Burke, Secret Agent. He was one of several actors to star in The Name of the Game from 1968 to 1971. From 1972 to 1973 he starred in The Adventurer, produced in the United Kingdom. He would reprise his role as Bat Masterson for two episodes of Guns of Paradise in 1990 and again on The Gambler Returns: Luck of the Draw in 1991. From 1994 to 1995 he returned to the role of Amos Burke in a new version of Burke’s Law.

Obituaries for Gene Barry can be foundd at The Hollywood Reporter, The Washington Post, The new York Times and Variety.

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6 Replies to “Gene Barry (1919-2009)”

  1. Ask anyone today who Gene Barry is, and they’ll probably say, “Who?”. This is because his TV shows aren’t seen as often as they should be, and not enough people care about seeing them on home video, either. A small “bunch” of us, including those who regularly visit this website, TRULY care what Gene meant to television, and what a GREAT actor he was. I’ll miss him….

  2. BURKE’S LAW was fine entertainment, on the Nostalgia Channel back to back with DICK POWELL THEATRE circa 1989/1990. The pilot actually aired on the Powell show for Burke’s Law.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see CBS try a revival in ’94, but of course from the modern era, they believed Barry needed a young sidekick (sigh). Oh well. The original was a lot of fun. AMOS BURKE, SECRET AGENT was lousy and cheesy, but sometimes fun for that reason. :)

  3. Well, another great gone. What a good age, although no matter how long we are here, it is never long enough. I always liked Gene Barry, suave, confident and ever the professional. He was excellent in the original War Of The Worlds and Bat Masterson, Burke’s Law (both versions) and The Adventurer. I enjoyed his work in the little seen , Maroc 7, Istanbul Express and Subterfuge and let’s not forget The Name Of The Game’
    Farewell to a Hollywood Icon

  4. I never saw Gene Barry in anything that was not immediately watchable if for no other reason than his always enjoyable presence.

    Where the heck ARE the DVD’s for THE NAME OF THE GAME? Has this show been in reruns anywhere in the past twenty years? I don’t understand why it is not on RTV.

  5. Because NBC/Universal doesn’t believe “THE NAME OF THE GAME” is “economically feasible” enough for them to release it on home video and make a profit on those episodes. You have to remember that Gene was only “one spoke on the wheel”: the other rotating stars were Robert Stack and Tony Fransciosa…and who remembers THEM these days? Not the 18-35 year old eyeballs NBC/Universal are trying to attract [along with their money]….IF the series is officially released on DVD, it’ll be a miracle!

  6. I only recently began watching Gene Barry as ‘Bat Masterson’ which is now on RTV Retro Television and I can tell you he brings a style to it that no one could back then…he will be truly missed

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