Q & A: Can You Identify These Shows, Part 4

I get a lot of e-mails from people asking me about television shows, made-for-TV movies or miniseries they remember from years or decades past. I try to answer each question as best I can but often recollections are hazy at best and thus impossible to identify, despite my best efforts. Hopefully, by posting these questions here at Television Obscurities for everyone to read someone will come up with the answer. Keep reading for today’s unidentified shows.

This new feature has turned out to be both more popular and more productive than I had hoped. Many of the questions that stumped me have been answered by visitors.

Can You Identify These Shows, Part 1
-Show identified as a British program called The Champions, broadcast by NBC in 1968
-Two-part made-for-TV movies/miniseries identified as Goliath Awaits, aired in syndication as part of Operation Prime Time in November 1981

Can You Identify These Shows, Part 2
-Made-for-TV movie identified as Mother Was Never A Kid, an ABC Afterschool Special broadcast in April 1981
-Show identified as ABC’s Oh, Grow Up!, a sitcom that ran for 11 episodes during the 1999-2000 season

Can You Identify These Shows, Part 3
-Show identified as a British program called Into the Labyrinth
-Early 1990s animated movie still unidentified

Here are two more questions that I hope someone can answer. I sure couldn’t.

Miki and Mickey? Do you have any information on this show? It was about a Russian athlete and an American athlete who were married and still competing. 1980ish? Thanks.

This one is a real stumper. I don’t know if the name of the show actually is Miki and Mickey (if so, I can’t find any reference to it) or whether it was a television show, a made-for-TV movie or perhaps a feature film. If anyone recognizes the description, please chime in.

Could have been on cable or tv. premise was 2 hip young Two guys are a private detective team. Their ‘office’ was a coffee shop or the main place of action. (Low budget!) one of the stars looked a lot like either a very young Bill Mahr or Craig Wasson of Body Double fame. The other guy was dark haired. They were amusing but that’s all I remember! I think it was in the 80’s maybe early 90s. Good luck and thanks!

I’m not very knowledgeable about cable shows from the late 1980s or early 1990s, unfortunately, but perhaps someone who is will know the name of this show off the top of their head.

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9 Replies to “Q & A: Can You Identify These Shows, Part 4”

  1. The 1980 show was called PHYL & MIKHY, intended to be a summer tryout show to coincide with the Olympics. Of course the boycott kind of hampered that idea, and the show’s 6 episodes quietly aired on CBS in June/July or whereabouts and that was it. I remember Jack Dodson and Murphy Cross being in the cast; Cross was Phyl(lis).

  2. Sure, I remember “PHYL & MIKHY” [Russian and American athletes fall in love, he defects to marry her, they end up staying with her father]! It aired on CBS’ Monday night schedule {8:30-9pm(et), right after “WKRP IN CINCINNATI”} for six weeks [May- June 1980], co-produced by Hal Cooper & Rod Parker {“Elmar Productions”}. The cast featured Murphy Cross, Rick Lohman, Larry Haines [Haines & Lohman also co-starred on “SEARCH FOR TOMORROW”, as grandfather and grandson], and Jack Dodson. I taped a few of the audio soundtracks (had no VHS recorder at the time!), and it was a lot better than most sitcoms these days…

  3. “PHYL & MIKHY” got very good ratings for CBS in the spring/summer of 1980, averaging a 15.8HH rating, a level that was quite high for summer series that year. For context, NBC’s 70th-ranked ‘The Facts of Life’ averaged 15.8HH for the full 1979-80 regular season.

  4. Could the detective show have been “Shooting Stars,” a failed television pilot from the early ’80s starring Parker Stevenson and Billy Dee Williams? They had started out as stunt men on a TV detective show, then were given acting roles on the show. They became more popular than the aging star, so he arranged for them to be fired. Out of work, they decided to become real detectives.

  5. If I’m not mistaken, there are episodes of the British series, “The Champions” on the YT, that featured a young Stuart Damon, who played the role of Dr. Allen Quartamaine on General Hospital in the mid 70s thru early 2000s.

  6. Does anyone remember the show that tried to compete with Dark Shadows? Was set on an island. Think the “mad scientist” was trying to reanimate his wife.

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