The Ultimate Goldbergs Already Available? reported in early December of 2009 that Shout! Factory was preparing a 6-DVD collection of The Goldbergs as part of its Direct To Consumer program. Earlier this month, it was revealed that the collection will include 71 episodes (and a bonus 12 radio episodes) and will be released on March 16th. Here‘s Shout!’s page for the collection, which notes pre-orders are not being accepted at the moment.

Yesterday I noticed that UCLA’s Film & Television Archive features a graphic stating “Now Available On DVD! The Ultimate Goldbergs,” with a link to this page containing instructions on ordering and a video demonstrating the restoration work that went into the collection. I’ve e-mailed UCLA to ask if the collection is actually available right now or if these are just pre-orders.

Update: James Friedman, Head of Commercial Development for the UCLA Film & Television Archive, replied to my e-mail confirming that the collection is now available for purchase directly from them. Here’s what he had to say:

Yes the ULTIMATE GOLDBERGS is available right now directly through UCLA. Consumers will be able to purchase through normal retail outlets beginning March 16, but they will still be able to purchase directly through UCLA by going to By purchasing directly through UCLA they will be supporting the UCLA Film & Television Archives activities!

So, to sum up, Shout! Factory will be selling the collection through their website beginning March 16th. If you can’t wait to get your hands on these episodes, or if you want to support the UCLA Film & Television Archive (or both!) head over to the Ultimate Goldbergs page at UCLA and order your set now. The price is $59.95 plus shipping. Mr. Friedman also noted that an episode featuring Anne Bancroft, which is not included in the DVD collection, will be streamed online through UCLA:

Going to the website will also allow them to see before and after video demonstrating the restoration work we did, and they will be able to stream an episode featuring Anne Bancroft which did not make it on the set.

We did not restore the Anne Bancroft episode because we were only able to gain access to a video copy curtsey [sic] of the Jewish Museum in NY. Unfortunately the quality of the online video is not anywhere near the quality found on the DVD but since it was perhaps Anne Bancroft’s television debut we thought that it was important to provide access.

Very interesting. Keep an eye on UCLA’s Ultimate Goldbergs page for the Anne Bancroft episode.

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2 Replies to “The Ultimate Goldbergs Already Available?”

  1. There are 39 filmed episodes of the series (from the final 1955-’56 syndicated season), so that means the rest [the 32 kinescopes that are known to exist] are from the live 1949-’54 period- the ones that Gertrude Berg insisted on being destroyed as soon as those kinnies were returned, by mail, from “delayed broadcasts” in the Midwest and West Coast….those originally telecast on CBS, NBC [the 15 minute version] and DuMont. I’m satisified someone defied her wishes by saving THOSE, at least!

  2. I was searching on yahoo when I found your site. So much of what you say is true. I got alot from this post, I’m going to add your rss feed to my Google reader. Thanks!

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