Bonanza Action Figures Commercial

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In 1966, the American Character Doll Company released four action figures based on NBC’s Bonanza: Ben, Little Joe, Hoss and the dastardly Outlaw. There were also horses and a 4-in-1 wagon available.

The now-defunct Bonanza World website suggested that the Outlaw figure was originally supposed to be Adam but after Pernell Roberts left the series it was reworked so the company could still sell it. has an extensive overview of the various dolls sold by the American Character Doll Company. Apparently, the Bonanza figures were the only action figures the company released.

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3 Replies to “Bonanza Action Figures Commercial”

  1. Ah, our old friend Mason Adams is the announcer here…NBC, who produced and OWNED “BONANZA”, made a lot of money licensing the “Cartwright” characters to American Character (and allowed them use of the opening title theme- right off the soundtrack- for this commercial)…and I don’t believe it was a coincidence that “The Outlaw” [“the meanest desperado you ever saw”] was originally supposed to be “Adam Cartwright”, because I KNOW that’s how the network and the producers felt about Pernell Roberts after he walked away from the series in 1965.

  2. How many different hoss action figure were made at the time 1966 or1965 or 1967.i have 2 with slightly different facial features

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