Watch NBC’s 2010 Fall Preview Special

It’s that time again. The new fall season starts next month and the networks will soon be kicking their promotional efforts into high gear. That means television promotional spots, billboards, movie theater commercials, magazine inserts and a variety of Internet advertisements. “The NBC Primetime Preview Show,” a half-hour special produced by the NBC Marketing Group to preview NBC’s new and returning 2010-2011 programs, made its debut this past weekend and will reportedly be seen some 500 times via broadcast, cable and digital outlets. According to a press release the special has been made available to all NBC affiliates so check your local listings. It will also be shown on a number of cable channels including Syfy, USA, Chiller, Oxygen, MSNBC, Sleuth and CNBC. If you’re flying American Airlines during the next few weeks you might get to see the special as your in-flight entertainment.

You can also watch it online at, and potentially the website for your local NBC affiliate. I’ve embedded the and streams below; they may not be available outside the United States.

These videos are no longer available.

It doesn’t look like the special will air on NBC itself. No word yet on whether the other networks will air fall preview specials or not. Both ABC and FOX have Hulu pages with clips and previews of their new programming but no actual preview specials. And all the networks have fall preview sections at their websites.

For the 2009-2010 season I believe CBS was the only network to broadcast its fall preview special during prime time. Will this be the year when not a single network actually airs a fall preview special in prime time? We shall see. Take a look at my article History of the Fall Preview Special to learn more about this once venerable aspect of network broadcast television.

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31 Replies to “Watch NBC’s 2010 Fall Preview Special”

  1. NBC DID telecast their 2009-’10 “Primetime Preview” special in prime-time last September (on a Saturday, I believe) at the same time WNBC-TV in New York also aired it locally several times between August and September [only diffference was, local commercials and promos were seen in New York, while national commercials were featured in the network version]. Channel 4 hasn’t telecast the 2010-’11 preview locally, as yet, but I suspect they will within the next two weeks. And I’m not too hopeful THIS preview will be more entertaining than last year’s {Joel McHale is quite entertaining on “COMMUNITY”, but his turn as host for the 2009 preview was, for the most part, just as mediocre as the fall schedule was}.

    I pity the poor NBC actor or actress, chosen to be host, who has to appear “enthusiatic” about their new shows this year…the network definitely has their work cut out for them. MAYBE things will finally “gel” for NBC this season! And maybe Jeff Zucker will finally resign as NBC/Universal’s CEO as well…sure, sure.

  2. Last years and this years ‘NBC Primetime Preview Show’ is being distributed across the network as an “affiliate special”, to be aired at their discretion over the August 7th to September 26th window.

    The ‘CBS Fall Preview Special’ is getting a primetime network airing on Monday September 6 at 8:30 pm out of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Not sure who’s “hosting” this year…last year, the special was hosted from the set of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ with the actors introducing the new shows.

    ABC will have two fall preview specials, both distributed as affiliate specials. One will look at “ABC Comedy Wednesday”, and will faeature peeks at the current sitcoms plus the new comedies coming: ‘Better Together’, ‘Happy Endings’ and ‘Mr. Sunshine’. A second special will look at ABC’s new dramas ‘No Ordinary Family’, ‘My Generation’, ‘Detroit 187’ and ‘The Whole Truth’.

    Both FOX and The CW are expected to announce fall specials shortly, and like last year, both are expected to be distributed as affiliate specials (although FOX could conceivably sked theirs on network for Sunday at 7 or 7:30 pm and The CW could do the same on Tuesdays at 9 or 9:30 pm). MyNetworkTV hasn’t done a fall special since they launched the telenovellas in 2006, and is unlikely to have one this year as all they are introducing are new off-network encore series.

  3. ‘The CW 2010 Fall Preview Special’ is indeed being distributed again this year as an affiliate special. The Tribune stations begin running it on Sunday August 22nd (WGN at 5:30 pm, KTLA at 9:30 pm). It is being hosted by Kristoffer Polaha and Mr. Robert Buckley, and is likely looking at the new night-by-night line-up with extra focus on their new dramas ‘Hellcats’ and ‘Nikita’.

  4. I’m sure NBC loves being able to say that this year’s preview special will be seen 500 times across broadcast, cable and digital outlets but when many of those airings are during early morning hours I can’t imagine many people are watching. CNBC, for example, is airing “The NBC Primetime Preview Show” on Monday, August 16th from 1:30-2AM. Who is watching CNBC at 1:30AM?

  5. In a sort-of-related matter, I am very worried about the fate of Cookir Jar TV, CBS’ SatAM block! It was the worst SatAM block of the 2009-2010 season, and the morons at Cookie Jar tend to be WAY TOO secretive when it comes to releasing any info on the block, usually releasing what is going to be on the new block only a few weeks before the actual seasons premiere!

    Cookie Jar TV NEEDS to be overhauled for the Fall, taking out Strawberry Shortcake and Sabrina (BOTH SHOWINGS), replace them with more interesting fare, put in that live-action show they promised us last Spring, and position Noonbory as the flagship show this year!

    If they do make these changes (even if they only boot out Sabrina), they will redeem themselves!


  6. Jeremy – I feel sorry for the youth of today because CBS NY doesn’t begin their Cookie Jar programming until 10AM.

    Unfortunately today’s network animation has been so dumbed down I’m suprised anybody can sit thru any of it.

    I’d watch the ABC SAT block starting from 8:30 all the way up to American Bandstand at 1pm sometimes flipping away to CBS for Ark2 and Shazzam.

  7. I think I’ve previously told you, Jeremy, that CBS’ contract with Cookie Jar Entertainment for their Saturday AM schedule is in effect through 2012. Cookie Jar is still facing a legal showdown with American Greetings over their planned acquisition of the “Strawberry Shortcake” franchise, and I don’t know if any new episodes of “NOONBORY”, “BUSYTOWN”, and “THE DOODLEBOPS ROCKIN’ ROAD SHOW” are going to be scheduled for the fall…or if “STRAWBERRY” and “SABRINA” will continue to appear.

  8. Well, there will no new episodes of anything on Cookie Jar TV this fall!

    The line-is slated to have an hour of Doodlebops reruns (Which version remains to be clear), an hour of Sabrina reruns, and an hour of Busytown Mysteries.

    The only difference is that the Sabrina reruns in the coming season will be taken from the sequel series to S:TAS, Sabrina’s Secret Life.

    This line-up is worse than their current line-up!


  9. That shows you how precarious Cookie Jar’s financial situation is these days, Jeremy. If even THEY can’t afford to schedule new episodes of ANYTHING for the coming season, how long will it be before their “media empire” is bound to collapse? I’m disappointed, too…

  10. Incidentally, WNBC-TV in New York is supposed to present the “Primetime Preview Show” for the first time on their schedule, tonight at 7:30- but the station is carrying a local N.Y. Giants exhibition football game from 7 through 10pm instead. So NBC’s cable channel, ‘NY NON-STOP’, is going to show it, along with the latest episode of “PERSONS UNKNOWN” {is THAT still on?} and “LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT”. Nice of them to bother doing that, but it shows you where Channel 4’s loyalties lie these days—with local programming that attracts the biggest revenue from advertisers, including those willing to pay through the nose for local football. And if people are actually watching “PERSONS UNKNOWN” and ‘LAW & ORDER; CRIMINAL INTENT” in New York…well, that’s too bad for them. Let ’em watch ‘NY NON-STOP’ if thye wanna see it that badly.

  11. If that is any grating, do you think the upcoming Cookie Jar TV roster will be worse than Qubo?


  12. It all depends, Jeremy- if you’ve seen those shows before, probably. But then again, I don’t see Qubo scheduling new episodes on their NBC schedule this coming season {and I could be wrong}…

  13. Well, here is the official Cookie Jar TV line-up as of September 18:
    It will start of with an hour of the Doodlebops Rockin Road Show (in reruns)
    Then an episode each of Sabrina: The Animated Series and Sabrina’s Secret Life.
    And finally an hour of Busytown Mysteries (Reruns)

    At least Qubo is airing NEW EPISODES… at least for one show (Turbo Dogs) this fall, plus they are getting the Magic School Bus!


  14. More Cookie Jar-related news: This TV’s Cookie Jar Toons SatAM fall block (Starting September 25) is going to feature Former SSP/KEWLopolis show in there, as follows (All times are Eastern):
    10:30 AM Busytown Mysteries
    11 AM: Busy World of Richard Scarry
    Noon: Cake
    12:30 PM: Dance Revolution

    I have two sore spots to point out: Busytown Mysteries is on the line-up while they are still on CBS’ Cookie Jar TV in an hour-long format. Also, it’s follow-up is The Busy World of Richard Scarry, which is still part of Cookie Jar’s Syndicated line-ups!



  15. Rembember the fuss about Cookie Jar taking Noonbory and the Super Seven out of their CBS block Cookie Jar TV?

    Well, they decided to place it on their syndicated line-up to please what few fans it has!


  16. Cookie Jar Entertainment CAN’T keep their Saturday morning CBS schedule the way it is now, Jeremy- “double portions” of “DOODLEBOPS ROCKIN’ ROAD SHOW”, “BUSYTOWN MYSTERIES” {new episode/previous episode} and “SABRINA” (both versions) don’t seem to be “cutting it” with viewers. I wouldn’t be surprised if “MADELINE” did turn up after the start of the new year. Good to know “NOONBORY” is on somewhere…

  17. There is a problem, Barry: The episodes of Madeline that aired on CBS during the ‘Secret Slumber Party’ season of 2006-2007 (The 1995 ‘New Adventures of Madeline’ originally produced for ABC) are now part of Cookie Jar’s syndicated block, and Cookie Jar is more likely to give all three of their E/I blocks (The CBS block, the syndicated block, and the This TV block) as distinct in the line-ups possible. That might mean that Cookie Jar might have to program the Family Channel version of Madaline on the CBS block!


  18. I have another rumor regarding Cookie Jar TV: They might be reverting the roster back to almost exactly the same roster that finished last season: The only difference is that the two Sabrina showings will be an episode apiece of The Animated Series and Secret Life!


  19. Another Cookie Jar TV rumor: They might be going for a variation of their April 2010 line-up, with Strawberry Shortcake taken out in favor of Sabrina’s Secret Life, which might lead to the misfortune of THREE Sabrina showings every Saturday morning!


  20. Uh oh, Barry: It seems the rumor of Cookie Jar TV reverting to some variation of their April 2010 roster is not true, as they are KEEPING the crummy line-up they have now!

    It SUCKS!


  21. I sure hope CBS makes some major changes To Cookie Jar TV in the New Year, like booting Sabrina out!


  22. New Cookie Jar TV line-up starting February 5!

    Two episodes of Busytown Mysteries
    An episode of Doodlebops Rockin Road Show
    An episode of Trollz
    And two episodes of Horseland!

    Well, there are still ‘Double Portions’ of Busytown Mysteries and Horseland, but I am glad that Sabrina is FINALLY BOOTED OUT OF THE BLOCK!


  23. CBS/Cookie Jar TV is in trouble: ABC will be dropping ABC Kids on September 3 in favor of ‘ABC Weekend Adventure’, which targets an older audience!

    That means that CBS has to make DRASTIC CHANGES to their roster and retool it to better appeal to the 13-16 demographic. They need to add diversity to their roster. The upcoming ‘Lords of the Playground’ will add the much-needed live-action show to the stable, but Cookie Jar needed to ban programming from their library that are no longer needed for competitive reasons: For example, both DIC Sabrina shows should not be allowed or needed on the CBS block anymore, as the Sabrina franchise is now pretty much running on empty. If they wanted a pre-2001 show on Cookie Jar TV, Cookie Jar should at least transfer over ‘Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century’ (due to it being a sci-fi/action-adveture show that actually fits the ‘E/I’ requirements) or ‘Wimzie’s House’ (because it’s live-action) from the Cookie Jar syndicated block! I would also like to see Horseland removed from Cookie Jar TV, as it is already on This TV’s ‘Cookie Jar Toons’ block, and I would like to see the CBS block have some actual exclusive show rather than share shows with the This TV block!

    Some other problems:
    *Ever since Cookie Jar acquired DIC in 2009, they have been procrastinating when it comes to releasing programming changes on the CBS block: At best, they release new line-ups within a few weeks of their premieres, which comes too little, too late!
    *There is also the deal of PLASTERING THE GAPS IN THE WALL, or airing one show MULTIPLE TIMES over the same morning, like the ‘doulble portions’ of certain shows this season!
    *Also the ALL-RERUN line-up of 2010-2011. Even Qubo was offering new episodes, even if its of just one show (turbo Dogs).

    2011-2012 might be the final year of Cookie Jar TV on CBS, so for them: DON’T SCREW UP!


  24. Archie just released a trade paperback of the comic book adaptation of SABRINA: THE ANIMATED SERIES.

    I am fearing that Cookie Jar will toss SABRINA back into ‘Cookie Jar TV’ this fall in order to cash in on the release!

    All I am asking Cookie Jar is that they should place SABRINA on either the This TV block or one of their syndication blocks instead! It will be a better choice than forcing it back onto ‘Cookie Jar TV’!



  25. Paging Barry Grauman! Could you give us some info on the changes regarding ‘Cookie Jar TV’, as Cookie Jar themselves do not really want to release info on the block until it is TOO LATE for readers to care about them!

    I know that ‘Lords of the Playground’ is joining the line-up, but there should be some other shows in the wings!


    1. False, Cookie Jar TV on CBS ended in September 2013. Cookie Jar TV was not replaced by TEAM TOON. TEAM TOON was the alternate logo for Cookie Jar TV. In September 17, 2011, CBS added The Doodlebops (replacing Doodlebops Rockin Road Show), and Danger Rangers (replacing Trollz). In 2012, Liberty’s Kids replaced both Horseland and Danger Rangers, making it the last show to premiere on Cookie Jar TV.

      Phillipos Michael Andemariam

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