Me-TV Launches Nationally December 8th

Back in June of 2009 I wrote about a pair of television stations in Chicago owned by Weigel Broadcasting that broadcast a variety of classic television programs. The stations, WWME-CA and WMEU-CA, use the branding MeTV and Me Too (they can be seen as digital subchannels of Wiegel’s WCIU-TV as well). Weigel also operates WBME-TV in Milwaukee, which uses the branding MeTV Milwaukee, and WMYS-LP in South Bend, Indiana, which is a MyNetworkTV affiliate that also airs some classic programming.

On November 23rd, Wiegel announced that it will be launching Me-TV (Memorable Entertainment Television) as a national network on Wednesday, December 8th. Here‘s the official website with a press release and a schedule. Among the programs on the schedule are M*A*S*H, Rawhide, The Streets of San Francisco, My Three Sons, The Big Valley, The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Honey West.

In a Chicago Tribune article, Weigel Executive Vice President Neal Sabin suggested that Me-TV may potentially become “the Turner Classic Movies of classic TV,” with programs aired uncut when possible, fewer commercial breaks and end credits aired complete. No word yet on just how national Me-TV will be at the moment but it is apparently going to be available in Chicago, Milwaukee and South Bend, Indiana on Wiegel stations. That means Chicago will have its local MeTV and Me Too stations as well as the national Me-TV network.

(Found via Sitcoms Online)

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7 Replies to “Me-TV Launches Nationally December 8th”

  1. It sounds as if “ME-TV” is going to be the new “TV Land”- that is, as that channel was originally launched in April 1996, with fewer interruptions, and closing credits as they were meant to be seen. I don;t know how long it’s going to last, but if it were available where I live [in the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area], I’d certainly watch it! Apparently, the bulk of their programming is from the CBS/Paramount/VIACOM and 20th Century-Fox libraries {“THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW” is currently distributed through Paul Brownstein Productions, as Calvada Productions’ [Carl Reiner/Dick Van Dyke] distribution agreement with VIACOM ended several years ago}.

  2. Rats! Nowhere in New Orleans… :(

    Oh well, we’re pretty much grabbed up anyway, by ThisTV, RTV and (soon) Antenna TV. Hopefully, COX Digital Cable will find a slot for it in its lineup…

    Independent TV’s coming back, man. :)

  3. Glad to see this national roll-out happening, even though it doesn’t look like my cabler is picking up ME-tv.

    Of all their programs, the one I’d really like to see again is ‘The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis’, which I don’t think has ever had a video or DVD release.

    For now, I’ll have to content myself with RTV, which still carries a fair number of interesting vintage programs (‘Run for Your Life’, ‘Kraft Suspense Theatre’, and ‘The Bold Ones’ are all currently on my watchlist).

  4. Maybe they’ll be really adventurous and show ‘the defenders’, ‘playhouse 90’ and ‘east side, west side’.

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