CBS 1991-1992 Image Piece

Here’s a 20-second image piece for CBS from July 1991, featuring the slogan “The Look is CBS.” The full slogan may actually have been “The Look of America is CBS,” I’m not quite sure. This is a short version; a 60-second piece was also used.

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  1. “The Look of America is CBS” was the title of the jingle, and it may have been the carryover branding for the entire season, whereas “The Look is CBS” was used in all fall campaign communications because its punchier.

    Other networks have done this with fall campaigns that evolved into season-long branding (i.e. “This fall, the Events are Here!” becoming “The Events are Here”).

    One of the earliest fall campaign slogans was “DuMont Television Network…The Nation’s Window on the World”, which DuMont used as a prelude and to kick off its 1950 fall season.

  2. The 1991-’92 schedule was “okay”, but CBS’ main strengths were from Sunday through Tuesday nights, including such returning series as “60 MINUTES” (a sure bet), “MURDER SHE WROTE”, “EVENING SHADE”, “MAJOR DAD”, “MURPHY BROWN”, “DESIGNING WOMEN”, “NORTHERN EXPOSURE” (and the last five were just the Monday schedule!), and “RESCUE 911” [with William Shatner as host/narrator]. Almost none of the network’s new series {“TEECH”, “PALACE GUARD”, “P.S.I. LUV U” (which proved to be more popular when seen in Europe), “PRINCESSES” (Fran Drescher’s first series- which led to ‘THE NANNY”, two years later), “THE ROYAL FAMILY” (it virtually died when Redd Foxx did, after several weeks into production), “THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW” (she later claimed she never should have revived it)} lasted more than a single season….with the exception of Gary David Goldberg’s “BROOKLYN BRIDGE”, which vanished the following season.

  3. That Carol Burnett show was when she decided she wanted to get “with it” and hired a lot of young writers and performers, but she was completely out of her element. As I recall, she ended her moderately successful (and much better) NBC series “Carol and Company” to do it. A gigantic mistake.
    I always wonder why you never see “Evening Shade” or “Major Dad” in syndication (or for that matter “Kate and Allie,” although I think it was shown briefly on TV Land a while back). They were all pretty good shows that lasted long enough and had enough episodes, and were pretty popular in their day. They were certainly a lot better than some of the syndicated shows that are all over the airwaves.

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