2010’s Most Used Keyphrases

Here’s a look at the most used “keyphrases” of 2010, meaning the phrases entered into search engines that led people to this site, as well as some of the more unusual ones.

10 Most Used Keyphrases of 2010

  1. television obscurities
  2. tv obscurities
  3. obscure tv shows
  4. it s about time it s about space
  5. the good guys theme song
  6. the good guys tv show
  7. camp runamuck
  8. worst tv shows ever
  9. baileys of balboa
  10. homepage

With the exception of “homepage” these all make sense. Here are some other interesting keyphrases, in no particular order:

  1. when was star wars first shown on tv
  2. watch retro television network online
  3. april dancer tied up
  4. video del telefilm grizzly adams
  5. coin-op tv
  6. stephanie powers tied up
  7. nude tv bloopers
  8. bored she hung herself torrent
  9. dan haggerty fire
  10. when was empire strikes back first shown television
  11. first televised movie trailer
  12. joi lansing playboy
  13. arthur godfrey fires julius larosa during live national television broadcast
  14. 1961 bus stop lost episode a lion walks among us on youtube
  15. w a l t e r was an unaired 1984 sequel to what show
  16. actresses swearing
  17. grizzly adams beard fire
  18. soft swirl jello
  19. image dissector
  20. it s about time it s about space it s about time to slap your face

If you type “it s about time it s about space it s about time to slap your face” into Google without the quotation marks, my article on It’s About Time is the third result due to a comment left in November of 2009 by Anthony in which he discusses how he and his brothers changed the lyrics to the theme to include “slap your face.”

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One Reply to “2010’s Most Used Keyphrases”

  1. Apparently, there are several “GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E.” fans who wanted more information about Stephanie Powers (as “April Dancer”) being tied up in a certain episode…or from more of Stephanie’s fans, who have no idea she once starred in a spin-off from “THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.”…

    Then there are those who’ve heard about the 1977 CBS “STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL”- the one that George Lucas has tried in vain to suppress over the years, without taking into consideration those collectors who already have copies of it “in circulation” (and believe me, it IS a jaw-dropping embarrassment, when seen these days)- and wonder what it’s all about…

    The proposed “M*A*S*H” spin-off, “WALTER” (starring Gary Burghoff), burned off by CBS in the summer of ’84 [I believe the less-than-successful response to “AfterMASH” was a key factor in the network passing on it].

    Dan Haggerty and “THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS” still has a following, and that unfortunate incident about his beard catching fire during production of an episode…

    That December 1961 episode of ABC’s “BUS STOP”, “A Lion Walks Among Us”, guest starring Fabian as a charming psychopath who murders someone, has an affair with a D.A.’s wife, then pressures her into “getting him off”, only to have her kill him (in self defense) at the end…it was not only responsible for having the series cancelled after 26 weeks [low ratings opposite “BONANZA” was also a reason], a senate sub-committee, in February 1962, found the episode THE most offensive example of sex and violence on network TV in the 1961-’62 season {“I still have the stench in my nose”, the chairman of that committee declared}. Today, any episode of “CSI” or “CSI: MIAMI” would be considered more “offensive”…

    …and more people know about the theme to “IT’S ABOUT TIME” than the actual show itself!

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