Television Obscurities on Hiatus

I’m taking a break from Television Obscurities for a while. In television parlance, I suppose you could say I’m placing the site on hiatus. It won’t go anywhere and everything will still be available, I just won’t be updating articles or posting new content. I originally launched Television Obscurities during the fall of 2002 and have been working on it basically non-stop ever since. (My M*A*S*H website has been online since 1999.) It has always been a hobby and my interest has waxed and waned over the years.

Over the past six months it became increasingly difficult for me to bring myself to work on Television Obscurities. I hoped getting rid of a fixed schedule a few months ago would help but it didn’t. I don’t know when I’ll come back but I’ll reevaluate in February at the earliest. I’ve set up an autoresponder that will automatically reply to any e-mails I receive. I won’t be responding or even checking my e-mail. I won’t be checking comments either but hopefully Akismet will catch most of the spam.

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