DVD Tuesday: Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales; Doctor Who

Every Tuesday I take a look at obscure and/or classic television programs, specials, miniseries or made-for-TV movies being released on DVD. For the record I consider anything broadcast prior to 1980 to be classic or else there wouldn’t be much to discuss. The releases referred to in these posts are encoded for Region 1 use in the United States and Canada.

Out today from Shout! Factory is Tennessee Tuxedo And His Tales: The Complete Collection. Both TVShowsOnDVD.com and Amazon.com say this was released last week but the Shout! Factory’s store indicates it comes out today. According to this press release, episodes from the first season have been “assembled to mirror the program’s original run” and include segments of The King and Odie and The Hunter, while “episodes from Seasons Two and Three have been recreated to include the Tooter Turtle and Klondike Kat cartoons,” suggesting that those episodes are not as originally broadcast by CBS in the early 1960s. Also out today from BBC Video are four Doctor Who serials: “Tomb of the Cybermen: Special Edition” (Story #037, Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, 1967), “Three Doctors: Special Edition” (Story #064, John Pertwee as the Doctor, 1972-1973), “Face of Evil” (Story #089, Tom Baker as the Doctor, 1977), “Robots of Death: Special Edition” (Story #090, Tom Baker as the Doctor, 1977).


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Yes, the “supporting” cartoons on ‘TENNESSEE TUXEDO AND HIS TALES” were new episodes of “The King and Odie” and “The Hunter” in its first season- then, repeated for the rest of the original CBS run. HOWEVER, “G

  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    …”Go Go Gophers” and “Klondike Kat” were originally seen on “THE UNDERDOG SHOW” [after it moved from NBC to CBS] in the fall of 1966. That fall, selected repeats of “TENNESSEE TUXEDO” were appearing on ABC’s Sunday afternoon schedule, for sponsor Deluxe-Reading {Topper Toys}, and continued to feature the earlier segments. The confusion appears to have stemmed from the SYNDICATED editions of “THE UNDERDOG SHOW” AND “TENNESSEE TUXEDO”, which featured all of the above elements at one time or another….

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