FOX’s February 7th, 1988 Line-up Promo

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Here is a promotional spot for FOX’s Sunday, February 7th, 1988 line-up, or at least the last 90 minutes of it. At the time, FOX was airing the following:

7:00PM 21 Jump Street
8:00PM Werewolf
8:30PM Married with Children
9:00PM The Tracey Ullman Show
9:30PM Duet

See three complete image campaigns in the following exhibit: FOX Image Campaigns, 1987-1990.

2 Replies to “FOX’s February 7th, 1988 Line-up Promo”

  1. The only reason FOX will not acknowledge ‘THE LATE SHOW STARRING JOAN RIVERS” (October 1986- May 1987) as the official start of “Fox Broadcasting Company” is because they consider her “non-history”…especially due to the turbulence the show created while it was scheduled. It DIDN’T make a dent in Johnny Carson’s “TONIGHT SHOW” ratings as it was supposed to, and it was costing FOX a fortune to keep it on. By the time it was cancelled, there was “bad blood” between Joan and the network- which continues to this day.

  2. Half the shows in these Image spots were never given a mention during that disappointing 25th anniversary special.

    Barry, that late night FOX turbulence also included Alan Thicke and Chevy Chase.

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