65th Anniversary of Kraft Television Theatre

Yesterday was the 65th anniversary of NBC’s long-running Kraft Television Theatre, which premiered on Wednesday, May 7th, 1947 at 7:30PM. In January of 1948 the series would shift to 9PM, where it would stay for the next ten years. The series was aired contentiously year-round, with no break during the summer. An estimated 585 episodes were broadcast. Back in 2009 I started putting together status guides for each season of Kraft Television Theatre, compiling information on which episodes are known to exist in archives and museums like the Library of Congress and UCLA’s Film & Television Archive. So far I have finished the first six seasons. I hope to finish additional seasons later this year.

The only mention of this anniversary that I have found online is Marc Berman’s TV Media Insight column from yesterday, which is where I read the news.

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