Auction to Include Men into Space Jumpsuit

Profiles in History’s upcoming Hollywood Auction 53, to be held this Saturday (December 15th) will include an original jumpsuit from Men into Space (CBS, 1959-1960) worn by star William Lundigan. Here’s the description from the auction catalog:

One of the spacesuits from a sci-fi show about man’s plans to explore space and colonize other planets, written at a time when traveling to the moon was still a distant dream. The suit, worn by hero U.S. Air Force “Col. Edward McCauley” (William Lundigan), is a one-piece beige polyester jumpsuit, measuring approx. 61 in. in length, and featuring a neck-to-waist double-zipper closure, as well as zipper-connected cuffs. Internal production tag is typewritten “Bill Lundigan”. Shows signs of production distress, including some minor patchwork.

The jumpsuit is lot #350 and is estimated to sell for $4,000-$6,000. The fact that any identifiable props from a series this old still exist, let alone a costume like this one, is remarkable. Very few costumes or props are said to survive from The Twilight Zone, which like Men into Space premiered in 1959. If this jumpsuit has managed to stay more or less intact for more than six decades, imagine what else could be out there. Other items in this auction include an Anne Francis gown from Honey West, artwork from the opening credits to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and a slew of costumes and props from the Star Trek franchise, some from the never produced series Star Trek: Phase II (see here, here and here).

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