Nielsen to Rate Me-TV reports that starting this spring, Me-TV Network will be rated by Nielsen on a national level. The classic television digital specialty network launched nationally in December 2010 and is currently seen on 141 affiliates covering 87% of the country. Like other digital specialty networks (RTV, Antenna TV, Cozi TV, etc.), the Me-TV Network is primarily seen on digital subchannels.

Digital subchannels are typically not rated locally due to the expensive to individual stations. According to Broadcasting & Cable, digital networks like Me-TV are likewise rarely national Nielsen clients; Bounce TV is one other digital network that does subscribe to national Nielsen ratings.

This is good news for fans of classic television who like watching classic television on actual television. Me-TV owner Weigel Broadcasting Co. wouldn’t have subscribed to Nielsen if it weren’t a smart financial move (actual Nielsen ratings will make it easier to sell advertising). Add the fact that Me-TV continues to add affiliates and it seems the digital network is a success.

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  1. MeTV has a great lineup in not only prime time, but during the dead overnight hours. Those of us who love classic TV and can’t find anything worth watching late at night will likely defect to MeTV overnight. A lineup of Twilight Zone, Perry Mason, Dragnet, Adam-12, Night Gallery, Alfred Hitchcock and Thriller could compete with any other network’s.

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