Me-TV’s Summer of Me Schedule to Debut June 3rd

Classic television digital specialty network Me-TV will introduce a new schedule on Monday, June 3rd. The network is calling the new schedule “The Summer of Me” and it will involve a number of changes. The following shows will no longer be seen on Me-TV, although they may return at a later date:

Petticoat Junction
I Love Lucy
The Rockford Files
The Bob Newhart Show
The Twilight Zone
The Invisible Man
Honey West
Laurel & Hardy
Me-TV Loves Lucy

The schedule will see five shows added to the Me-TV line-up:

The Lucy Show – Weekdays at 6 AM / 5 C
*Leave It to Beaver – Weekdays at 9 AM / 8 C
Ironside – Weekdays at 11 AM / 10 C
*Dragnet – Weekdays at 4 PM / 3 C
*Adam-12 – Weekdays at 4:30 PM / 3:30 C

*Launched May 6 on most Me-TV stations; available on most Me-TV stations.

Other changes include the return of four shows that were previously seen on Me-TV, new time slots for ten shows and additional episodes each weekend for another seven shows. Read all about “The Summer of Me” at Me-TV’s official website. And here‘s the new national schedule.

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19 Replies to “Me-TV’s Summer of Me Schedule to Debut June 3rd”

  1. Disappointed that Laurel and Hardy will not be seen on Me-TV this summer! I’ve enjoyed the time slot; Sundays from 6:30am-8am.

    1. Oh you are so right. I’ve recorded the “L&H Show” since I found it on MeTV about a year ago, and it and Svengooli were two of my favs to record and watch. Let’s hope “the boys” will return soon.
      Have you noticed that many newer TV shows, in particular “Modern Family,” and to an extent “The Office,” employ Ollie’s trait of giving the camera a look? He was ahead of his time!

      Wes in Georgia

      1. Wes:
        Yes, you are right. They were ahead of their time! Even back in late 1960s when Gilligan’s Island was on, the Skipper, would take on Ollie’s trait of looking into the camera. I’m hoping Me-TV will put them back on for their fall schedule. No reason why they had to take them off for Beverly Hillbillies.

  2. Why don’t you show the early morning shows that appear between 12am to 6am at a decent hour. Instead of the witching hour? I would love to see Car 54, Get Smart, Combat, The Saint, Naked City, Peter Gunn, and Route 66 in place of such trite shows like The Rifleman, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, Etc., and especially MASH(WHAT A DARN BORING SHOW). Please between these crappy shows and the ones Antenna TV shows at the same time I have nothing to watch.

  3. So disappointed that The Rockford Files is not airing! Please bring it back!!!

  4. I am sad to see family affair will no longer be aired m-f. I have enjoyed waking up this program, it was and still is one of my many favorite shows to watch. Please ger rid of Perry Mason at the 10-11 pm timeslot, put something worth watching like Family Affair, Brady Bunch, Loveboat, anything like that except Perry Mason AGH!!!!!

  5. I would like to see them take mash and gilligand island off and put something good hazel,blondie and dageood,my three sons,hatfields and mccoys something thats not aired very often. Oh and they could take batman off too.

  6. I’am like carol please don’t ever take emergency off , i have to make sure i’am at home at 4one to watch it. And i also have to agree with tony the rifleman can go also.

  7. please bring on magnum p.i. and the honey mooners also please Hawaii 50 thank-you

  8. Both my husband and I adore The Twilight Zone. We will miss it this summer. Please bring it back soon, possibly in the fall.we love your network.

  9. Don’t know why they ever took CHiP’s off the air, That was a great Show!!! Hope to see it back on in the Fall!!!

  10. I saw the show Cheers with Ted Danson the other night on meTV 13.3 but I haven’t seen it since. Where and when can I find it. And this might be asking a little much, but do you show Wings with Crystal Bernard? Thank you much!

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