Articles Revised Through May 26th

Here’s a quick rundown of the articles I’ve finished revising over the past week:

Accidental Family – I’ve added reactions to the cancellation of this series from stars Jerry Van Dyke (as told by brother Dick Van Dyke) and Lois Nettleton. I’ve also expanded the section on episodes.

Camp Runamuck – I’ve expanded the section on critical reviews and the section on episodes.

The Interns – I’ve clarified the relationship between this 1970-1971 CBS drama and the 1960 novel and 1962 movie that preceded it. I’ve also expanded the section on episodes.

My Living Doll – Several of the shows I’ve written about here at Television Obscurities have been released on DVD, including My Living Doll, which saw a partial release in March 2012. I have removed the video clips from this article because the episodes are now available on DVD, with the exception of the original CBS fall preview segment for the series, which was not included on the DVD. After viewing all the available episodes, I was able to revise the section on episodes and expanded the section on the characters.

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One Reply to “Articles Revised Through May 26th”

  1. When are you going to get around to Channing? There seems to be quite an untold story here. I have the whole thing on DVD, (With The exception of “Of that Time, Of that Place” , AKA “The Best Years”and some of the episodes- indeed, many of the episodes- were remarkably good. it is strange that it is so obscure.

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