From 1955-2013, 25% of TV Shows Were One Season Wonders has analyzed almost 60 years of television and determined that 25% of all shows are cancelled during their first season. They looked at all one season wonders broadcast between 1955 and 2013 and broke them down by the number of episodes:

3% – 1-5 Episodes
24% – 6-10 Episodes
33% – 11-15 Episodes
17% – 16-20 Episodes
13% – 21-25 Episodes

Here’s the full infographic:

Canceled: Single Season TV Shows – An infographic by the team at

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2 Replies to “From 1955-2013, 25% of TV Shows Were One Season Wonders”

  1. Kind of amusing how that listing for Betty White doesn’t include “The Betty White Show” which was also a one-season wonder!

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