Unproduced Man From Atlantis Action Figures

I’ve written about NBC’s Man from Atlantis on many occasions in the past but this just might be my last post about the show for a while. I came across the following information at the Plaid Stallions website. Apparently Kenner, a toy company probably best known for its line of Star Wars action figures, was planning to release action figures based on Man from Atlantis sometime during 1978. You can see a prototype Mr. Schubert figure here, as well as concept art for vehicles and creatures, plus a piece of production material for the Cetacean submarine. Here are pages from a 1978 Kenner catalog that feature a Man From Atlantis dip dots painting design book and a Man from Atlantis see-a-show viewer (a ViewMaster knock-off).

When Man from Atlantis was canceled, rather than scraping the figures entirely, Kenner redesigned them and released them as Scuba Squad, which you can read about here.

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