10th Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off June 9th

The 10th anniversary of Television Obscurities is right around the corner. Tuesday, June 11th will mark ten years of discussing obscure television programs and forgotten aspects of television history. To mark the occasion I’m planning a week-long celebration that will kick off on kicking off on Sunday, June 9th. It will include a look back at the early days of the website, a list of my personal favorite obscurities, a preview of the monthly columns I’ll be launching in July, a call for ideas for future articles, and more.

As regular readers will know, I’ve been working since January on revising all of my articles in time for the anniversary. It doesn’t look like I’ll quite make it, though. I have about 15 left to go and there just may not be enough time to get them done before June 11th. I’d rather miss the deadline than rush through the remaining articles. I had hoped some of the articles wouldn’t need much revising but frankly rereading many of them has been embarrassing.

It can take three or four hours to revise a single article, depending on how much of it needs to be completely written and if additional research is required. Add another few hours for viewing episodes and that’s a big chunk of time spent on one article. It is definitely worth it in the long run and in the future I hope to do a better job of regularly revising articles as additional information comes to light.

So continue to check in as the anniversary approaches for more revisions and be here on Sunday, June 9th to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of Television Obscurities.

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