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Here’s an incomplete promotional spot for ABC’s sitcom Rango, starring Tim Conway, which premiered as a mid-season replacement in January 1967. It ran for 17 episodes and was off the air in early May. Although the series was broadcast in color, this spot is from a black and white print. The end of the spot seems intact, so it looks like the first eight seconds are missing.

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  1. Some of Tim Conway’s comments on ‘Rango’ from his Archive of American TV interview in 2004:

    “…Funny show, I thought, and nobody else did…an executive from ABC came down one day after we had shot about 13 of these and said, ‘Excuse me, stop doing this’, so we did…again, this was a show where I was the star, and I’ve never been comfortable as the star.”

  2. I just watched one episode (“If You Can’t Take It with You, Don’t Go”), which was posted on Youtube last September. It was originally broadcast on April 21, 1967 and repeated on September 9, 1967. ABC was generous to let ‘Rango’ run for 17 episodes.

    If you freeze the above video at 0:41, you’ll see the same fort entrance from the ‘Star Trek’ episode “Errand of Mercy”. This was at Desilu’s 40 Acres backlot.

  3. As a kid i thought that it was thr funniest show though seeing it again makes me wonder as an adult.

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