Valenti Chevrolet Commercial

November 2013 is Local Connecticut Commercials Month. The following commercial originally aired on WTXX (Channel 20) in Connecticut.

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Here’s a commercial for Valenti Chevrolet, a car dealership located in Wallingford, CT. According to the commercial, it featured the largest selection of Corvettes in New England. At the end of the commercial, the Valenti family announces its new Valenti Volkswagen Porsche-Audi dealership in Watertown, CT. The commercial aired in February 1986

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3 Replies to “Valenti Chevrolet Commercial”

  1. Hi! How are You All? Me OK. Wow! Look at these big cars at that time, at that time I was 19 years young, now I am 46 years young, I remember driving those big cars that my Parents owned, those were the days I tell You and earlier too by the way. I did a web search of those two companies and They still exists, amazing, I am from and living in the Province of New Brunswick, Canada and always liked to see those kind of commercials being played on the USA Television Stations, We had those here in Canada but did not have the charisma those local commercials had in the USA especially in New England.
    Thank You for sharing and to help Us to reminisce. Take good care and Have a Nice Day All of You.
    P.S. By the way the Woman in the Commercial She was a knock out, do not know if She was one of the Daughter or Wife of the Owner. She is beautiful and very nice voice too.

    1. I would guess the woman in this commercial is a member of the Valenti family but am not sure. I have a few other commercials for Valenti card dealerships, some of them feature the same woman.

  2. Hi! I am a current employee of Valenti Chevrolet. Is it possible for you to forward any old Valenti commercials you have to me? I would like to upload them to our YouTube channel! Thanks!!

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