WNBT Schedule, Week of November 16th, 1941

Here’s the schedule for NBC’s commercial station WNBT in New York City for the week starting Sunday, November 16th, 1941, straight from daily television listings printed in The New York Times. The station was off the air on Thursday.

Films edged out sporting events five to three; included were Romance of the Rockies from 1937 on Tuesday and Siren of the South Seas (aka Paradise Isle) from 1937 on Friday. Sporting events included the regular boxing bout on Monday, wrestling on Tuesday and football on Saturday.

Highlights for the week included a Freedom Day Service on Sunday, another Radio City Matinee (featuring novelist Fannie Hurst) and an opera workshop on Wednesday and a play called “Blind Alley” on Friday.

Other programs included a travelogue with Julien Bryan, news with Ray Forrest and another installment of Face of the War with Sam Cuff.

Sunday, November 16th, 1941 [1]
8:30-9:30PM – Freedom Day Service, Rev. Dr. John Sutherland Bonnell, Fifth Ave. Presbyterian Church.

Monday, November 17th, 1941 [2]
9-11:30PM – Boxing, Jamaica Arena

Tuesday, November 18th, 1941 [3]
3:30PM – Film: Homes for Defense
3:40-4:40PM – Film: Romance of the Rockies
8:30PM – Stars of Tomorrow
8:50PM – Julien Bryan, Travelogue
9:20PM – Civilian Defense Program
9:30PM – Wrestling, Ridgewood Grove

Wednesday, November 19th, 1941 [4]
3:30-4:30PM – Radio City Matinee, with Fannie Hurst, Muriel Stafford
8:30PM – Opera Workshop–Carmen
8:50PM – Margaret Dilling, Musical Film
9:00PM – Science in Action–Charles Gus
9:15PM – Film: Carmen Amaya
9:25PM – News–Ray Forrest

Thursday, November 20th, 1941
No Programs Scheduled

Friday, November 21st, 1941 [5]
3:30PM – Film: First Line of Defense
3:40PM – Film: Siren of the South Seas
8:30PM – Face of the War–Sam Cuff

8:40-10PM – Play–Blind Alley

Saturday, November 22nd, 1941 [6]
2-4PM – Football: Columbia vs. Colgate at Baker Field
8:30PM – Saturday Night Jamboree
9:10PM – Civilian Defense Program
9:25PM – News–Ray Forrest

Note: Television listings published in newspapers were based on information provided by stations and were subject to change at the last minute. They may not be an accurate representation of what actually aired.

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  1. According to IMDB, filmed footage with sound from the November 21, 1941 TV play “Blind Alley” may still exist today, although the quality of it leaves much to be desired.

    1. Matt, I had forgotten about that. Other than the review at IMDb, I am not aware of any other source suggesting that all or part of “Blind Alley” survives. It is a lengthy review, though, so if it is a hoax it is a pretty elaborate (and bizarre) one.

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