Musical Chairs (1975) Promotional Spot

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Here’s a promotional spot for Musical Chairs, a daytime game show hosted by Adam Wade that aired from June to October 1975 on CBS.

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  1. I remember this one- it was on CBS’ afternoon schedule at 4pm(et)- although towards the end of its run, WCBS-TV in New York aired it locally at 1pm, so they could schedule hour-long editions of “DINAH!” and “THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW” back-to-back from 4 to 6pm. The show was taped at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

    1. I too remember this show.But seems to me that it was on in the morning,maybe just before or after Price Is Right.Maybe my local CBS affiliate scheduled it at a convienient time for them.Wasnt particularly good show,and was kind of dumb,but I do remember it.

  2. Unless someone here says otherwise, I believe that Adam Wade was the first African-American game show host

  3. I was a contestant on the show “Musical Chairs” in 1975. I won the bonus round, so I would have been on for 2 consecutive days. The guests were Sister Sledge and Shari Lewis….

    Is there ANYWAY that I could get a hold of the taping???

  4. This show is probably best remembered as the show when losing contestants, still seated at their chairs, would be pushed back offstage.

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