Check It Out! Series Premiere Promo

From the Television Obscurities YouTube channel, here’s a promotional spot for the series premiere of Check It Out! on WTXX-TV (Channel 20) in Connecticut. Produced in Canada, the sitcom starring Don Adams aired in first-run syndication in the United States. It premiered on WTXX-TV on Friday, April 4th, 1986.

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4 Replies to “Check It Out! Series Premiere Promo”

  1. It was co-produced by CTV in Canada, who were also responsible for The Trouble With Tracy, and apparently based on the UK’s Tripper Day.

    1. I CAN’T FIND THE SHOW ANYWHERE. I used to see episodes on Youtube before 2015, and now I search weekly for the show. Sounds wild, but as a Canadian I feel duped.

  2. Trouble With Tracy is supposed to be the worst sitcom ever! Shot to run daily rather than weekly, it used only one set, a small cast with no guest stars, and scripts recycled from old radio shows!

  3. I remember seeing CHECK IT OUT on a station out of Albany, NY that summer. I had a bit of interest in trying it out at least, since I was working in a grocery store myself that coming summer.

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