Coming in October to Television Obscurities

This month was a big one for Television Obscurities, between the launch of A Year In TV Guide and my three-part special feature on the 1974 development season focusing on the ABC, CBS and, NBC pilots. I definitely hit the limit on what I can reasonably accomplish in a single month because I didn’t have time to finish revising my article on the history of the fall preview special. So that is getting pushed to October.

Compared to September, next month will be relatively light. Other than the aforementioned revised article I’m not planning much other than the regular columns, five A Year In TV Guide installments, and a spotlight on Thrills and Chills Everywhere. If I can swing it, I will also be publishing the fourth and potentially final part of my article on Kyle MacDonnell (I’m not quite sure yet whether a fifth part will be necessary).

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