My Friend Flicka & Custer Coming to DVD

A few days ago, Warner Archive revealed it will be releasing The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, McClain’s Law, and the first season of The Eleventh Hour on DVD next month. Now comes word that Shout! Factory is releasing a pair of one season wonders on DVD exclusively through Walmart: My Friend Flicka (CBS, 1956-1957) and Custer (ABC, 1967).

Cover to My Friend Flicka: The Complete Series on DVD
My Friend Flicka: The Complete Series (Courtesy of Shout! Factory/Walmart)

According to, although My Friend Flicka: The Complete Series has a release date of May 24th (that’s today) it might not be available everywhere for a few weeks. Also, an Amazon listing exists for the DVD with an August 23rd release date but has confirmed with Shout! Factory that the Amazon listing is a mistake.

Custer: The Complete Series will be released on June 6th.

Presumably, both of these DVD sets will eventually get a general release outside of Walmart, although I can’t confirm that.

(via Home Theater Forum)

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  1. I believe I saw “My Friend Flicka” on Saturday mornings when I was a child and probably not in the fifties.. Would a one-season show have been syndicated back then? Or I may not be remembering this correctly.

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