45th Anniversary of The Good Life

NBC’s The Good Life celebrates its 45th anniversary today. The sitcom premiered on September 15th, 1971 and was off the air less than four months later. Larry Hagman and Donna Mills starred as Albert and Jane Miller, a middle-class couple tired of the rat race who dream of the good life. The two get themselves hired as butler and maid by millionaire Charles Dutton (played by David Wayne) in the hopes they can put in the minimum amount of effort yet still enjoy his opulent lifestyle.

You can find my article about The Good Life here.

Donna Mills and Larry Hagman starred as Jane and Albert Miller.
Donna Mills and Larry Hagman starred as Jane and Albert Miller.

Hermione Baddeley played Charles’ sister Grace, who didn’t like the Millers. Danny Goldman played Charles’ son Nick, who did. He was the only one who knew the truth about Albert and Jane’s scheme and agreed to keep his mouth shut.

Most of the episodes revolved around Albert getting himself into some sort of trouble. When tasked with selling a Rolls-Royce, he gets it stolen. When he has to temporarily hire a replacement after breaking his leg, he accidentally hires someone who is actually a competent butler.

Larry Hagman in a promotional spot for The Good Life.
Larry Hagman in a promotional spot for The Good Life.

I’ve only seen one episode of The Good Life, although I’d love to see more and I’m especially interested in the pilot episode that aired in March 1972. I have read two scripts from the series and would like the opportunity to compare them to what actually aired.

If you watched The Good Life back in 1971, what do you remember about the show?

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4 Replies to “45th Anniversary of The Good Life”

  1. I remember that I did watch this show regularly, and liked it. However, I do not remember any details about it that I could share!

  2. The funny thing is the British series of the same name is much better remembered in the U.S. than this show. How many other shows could you say that about?

  3. This was fairly amusing BUT the novel that it was probably based on is MUCH funnier. Years ago it could easily be found in second-hand shops.

  4. Hello. I have the pilot episode of the good life and I found it funny. I have a film collection of almost every thing. Love the Screen Gems t.v. shows. I would love to trade it with some one who has a copy of Getting together. The show with Bobby Sherman.

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