Peter Loves Mary Coming to getTV in November [Updated]

November 7th, 2016 Update: Peter Loves Mary did not start airing today as played and has been removed from the getTV schedule. When asked on Twitter what was going, here was the official response:

Original Post:

One season wonder Peter Loves Mary will join diginet getTV next month. The NBC sitcom ran for 32 episodes during the 1960-1961 season. The sitcom starred Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy–who were married in real life–as Peter and Mary Lindsey. The two were nightclub entertainers who move their family from Manhattan to the suburbs. Mary quickly learns to love suburban life but Peter misses the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Bea Benaderet played Wilma, their housekeeper. Merry Martin and Gil Smith played their two children, Leslie and Steve. Guest stars included Jack Albertson, Alan Reed, John Astin, Gina Gillespie, Werner Klemperer, Yvonne Craig, Ken Berry, and Arte Johnson.

Peter Loves Mary makes its getTV debut at 7:35AM ET on Monday, November 7th. The sitcom will air weekdays in that time slot sandwiched between Nanny and the Professor and The Ghost & Mrs. Muir. It replaces Ensign O’Toole.

Here are the opening credits:

When getTV added The Jeff Foxworthy Show and The Bill Engvall Show earlier this month, I admit I was a little discouraged. I thought perhaps getTV was moving away from classic TV. Hopefully, Peter Loves Mary is just the first of many forgotten sitcoms getTV plans on airing.

Do you remember Peter Loves Mary? Are you excited getTV will be airing it? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

11 Replies to “Peter Loves Mary Coming to getTV in November [Updated]”

  1. The 1968-69 series The Outcasts will also be added to getTV’s lineup in November, airing Saturdays at noon ET. The efforts to reduce violence on TV shows in 1968 and their effects on The Oucasts were covered in a nice article on your site several years ago.

  2. Has getTV decided not to air this series? I was going to set it to record starting tomorrow, November 7th, and the schedule lists “The Jimmy Stewart Show” in the 7:35 AM EDT time slot.

    1. I just came to post/find out about the same thing? I only hope that it is postponed. I was really looking forward to it. I wanted to DVR all of the episodes. It’s a fun show to watch.

      1. Thanks, Robert. I sent a message to them via their website yesterday, but have not yet received a response. However, your post answers my question. I hope they can resolve the issues.

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