3 Replies to “John Daly and the News ABC Promo”

    1. Yes, Carson’s picture appears in the opening! The reason Daly left ABC in December is that he objected to ABC’s decision to start coverage of the Presidential election one hour late in order to carry Bugs Bunny & The Rifleman, ABC’s 2 most popular shows at that time! He started WML? in 1950 and stayed there until its cancellation in 1967, after which he went back to news as the head of Voice of America!

  1. Daly nightly.
    It would likely have be aired multiple times throughout the 50s. Since he’s explaining how things work, that suggests it was early in the show’s run, maybe even the first season. Later there would be enough people watching so that he wouldn’t need to explain things. But that’s just a guess.

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