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Here’s an image spot for WTIC-TV (Channel 61) in Connecticut. The formerly independent station affiliated with FOX in 1986. This spot is from October 1992 and was likely part of the station’s 1992-1993 image campaign. It features FOX network programming like The Simpsons and Married with Children as well as syndicated and local programming.

The spot starts abruptly but I don’t know if it was supposed to run for 45 seconds or a full minute. If the latter, a good chunk of the spot is missing.

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  1. Well, an audio version of Fox 1992-93 image campaign “Everybody Knows It’s on Fox” along with “It Could Only Happen on Fox” (1993-94 season) can be found on Jay Gruska’s website, the 1992-93 Fox promo goes about 1 minute 30 seconds, there was a version done by the Fox Kids Network (with one of their shows mentioned Batman: The Animated Series, Eek! The Cat, Tiny Toons Adventures, Super Dave, Bobby’s World, Beetlejuice, X-Men, Tom & Jerry Kids, Taz-Mania, Dog City, Merrie Melodies).

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