Co-Eds Note Perils of Television Age

Here’s a brief but amusing–not to mention somewhat somewhat sexist–article from The Hartford Courant about a problem brought on by television. Keep in mind that it’s from 1948:

Television is going to have its drawbacks, bobby-soxers at Marquette University agree.

One sweet thing was heard to say to another, during a basketball game:

“If you told your mother you were going to be in the library studying tonight, you had better not sit there. The television cameras are pointed right in your direction; she’ll probably see you.”

We’ll never know if the girl who told her mother she was at the library got away with going to the basketball game with her friend. But I’d like to hope she did.

“Co-Eds Note Perils of Television Age.” Hartford Courant. 22 Feb. 1948: D1.

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