Status of Kraft Television Theatre, Season 11

Kraft Television Theatre broadcast some 585 episodes on NBC between May 1947 and October 1958. The series ran year-round with no summer breaks, meaning it didn’t have traditional seasons. I’ve aligned this status guide with episode lists and guides available online, like those found at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and the Classic TV Archive (CTVA).

Season 11 of Kraft Television Theatre premiered in September 1957 and ended in October 1958. There were three pre-emptions, all for entertainment specials. Some sources indicate NBC shortened the title to Kraft Theatre at the start of this final season. In June 1958, the network retitled the series Kraft Mystery Theatre. NBC aired a total of 51 episodes this season, of which at least 36 episodes survive.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) has 34 episodes from this season in its collection. The Library of Congress (LOC) has 30 episodes. The UCLA Film & Television Archive (UCLA) has 15.

Keep in mind that just because the big TV archives/museums only have certain episodes doesn’t mean there aren’t additional episodes of Kraft Television Theatre/Kraft Mystery Theatre from the 1957-1958 season out there somewhere.

Kraft Television Theatre, Season 11: 1957-1958
# Episode Title Airdate Status
535 “Vengeance” 09/25/1957 MBC
536 “The Barefoot Soldier” 10/02/1957 MBC
537 “Smart Boy” 10/09/1957  
538 “A Cook for Mr. General” 10/16/1957  
539 “Man in a Trance” 10/23/1957 UCLA
540 “Gun at a Fair One” 10/30/1957 MBC
541 “The Category is Murder” 11/06/1957 MBC
542 “The Big Heist” 11/13/1957 MBC
543 “The Sound of Trouble” 11/20/1957 MBC
PRE-EMPTED: Annie Get Your Gun 11/27/1957  
544 “Come to Me” 12/04/1957 MBC
545 “Heroes Walk on Sand” 12/11/1957 MBC
546 “Polka” 12/18/1957  
547 “The Other Wise Man” 12/25/1957 MBC/UCLA
548 “The Battle for Wednesday Night” 01/01/1958 Paley/MBC/UCLA
549 “The Velvet Trap” 01/08/1958  
550 “Code of the Corner” 01/15/1958  
551 “Eddie” 01/22/1958 MBC
552 “Run, Joe, Run” 01/29/1958  
553 “The Spell of the Tigress” 02/05/1958 MBC
554 “Material Witness” 02/19/1958 MBC/UCLA
PRE-EMPTED: The Unchained Goddess 02/12/1958  
555 “The Woman at High Hollow” 02/26/1958  
556 “Dog in a Bus Tunnel” 03/05/1958 MBC/Paley/UCLA
557 “The Sea Is Boiling Hot” 03/12/1958 MBC/UCLA
558 “Look What’s Going On” 03/19/1958 MBC
559 “Angry Angel” 03/26/1958 Paley/UCLA
560 “The Man in Authority” 04/02/1958 MBC
PRE-EMPTED: Swing Into Spring 04/09/1958  
561 “Three Plays by Tennessee Williams” 04/16/1958 MBC/Paley/UCLA
562 “Angry Harvest” 04/23/1958 MBC
563 “Fifty Grand” 04/30/1958 MBC/Paley/UCLA
564 “The Outcasts of Poker Flat” 05/07/1958 MBC/Paley
565 “All the King’s Men (Part 1)” 05/14/1958 MBC/Paley/UCLA
566 “All the King’s Men (Part 2)” 05/21/1958 MBC/Paley/UCLA
567 “A Boy Called Ciske” 05/28/1958 MBC

*Name Changed to Kraft Mystery Theatre*

# Episode Title Airdate Status
568 “The Last of the Belles” 06/04/1958 MBC*
569 “Killer’s Choice” 06/11/1958 MBC
570 “Now Will You Try for Murder?” 06/18/1958  
571 “The Eighty Seventh Precinct” 06/25/1958  
572 “Next Door to Death” 07/02/1958  
573 “Cop Killer” 07/09/1958  
574 “The Man Who Didn’t Fly” 07/16/1958  
575 “Focus on Murder” 07/23/1958 MBC
576 “Death Wears Many Faces” 07/30/1958 MBC
577 “Death for Sale” 08/06/1958 MBC
578 “Night Cry” 08/13/1958 UCLA
579 “We Haven’t Seen Her Lately” 08/20/1958 MBC
580 “Web of Guilt” 08/27/1958 MBC
581 “Back Track” 09/03/1958 MBC
582 “Trick or Treat” 09/10/1958  
583 “A Cup of Kindness” 09/17/1958 MBC
584 “Riddle of a Lady” 09/24/1958 MBC
585 “Presumption of Innocence” 10/01/1958 MBC/UCLA

*Missing the first few minutes

During the summers of 1961, 1962, and 1963, NBC aired an unrelated anthology series called Kraft Mystery Theatre as a summer replacement for The Perry Como Show. This was followed by Kraft Suspense Theatre, which ran for two seasons on NBC from 1963 to 1965.

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2 Replies to “Status of Kraft Television Theatre, Season 11”

  1. DO recommend that you peruse LARRY GIANNAKKOS VOLUMES ON EPISODE- BY- EPISODE also LISTING GUEST STAR CREDITS and original air dates as the most reliable source out ther……nyc tv museum had a token few but i havent consulted them since opening in 1983!

  2. It’s too bad “Now You Will Try for Murder” isn’t found yet. Maxene Fabe mentioned this episode in her TV GAME SHOWS book as an example of how big quiz shows had gotten then. She described the plot as being about a quiz show contestant who was murdered just before he was to try for a record amount and listed the possible suspects.

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