Bert D’Angelo/Superstar Promotional Spot

From the Television Obscurities YouTube channel, here’s a promotional spot for the short-lived ABC police drama Bert D’Angelo/Superstar starring Paul Sorvino. It ran during during the 1975-1976 season.

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3 Replies to “Bert D’Angelo/Superstar Promotional Spot”

  1. sorvino got a lot of mileage by first appearing on broadway in THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON,,, then of course the film GODFATHER,,,,he never pretended to be a classically trainer actor per se…./// but voice training as an obsession battling asthma got him a self= disciplined motive to work extra
    hard….//daughter mira got her cushy intro into show biz in her lucky appearance in a woody allen movie…..and politically got her a supporting actor’s award! ,,,, many agree it was an indulgient overrated political ploy..yet opened the door for her to narrate the first of many marilyn monroe tv documentaries….Her introduction of dr. hyman engleberg was a first…,,,,anyway paul’s career remains pretty well solidified

  2. “Bert D’Angelo Superstar” was a spinoff of “The Streets Of San Francisco”. Unfortunately, it was one of executive producer Quinn Martin’s few failures (after “The New Breed”, “Dan August”, “Banyon”, “Caribe” and “Tales Of The Unexpected”) and lasted only three months.

    1. good to focus in on QUINN MARTIN’s body of work…….the personification of the tv producer of the 1960s……anglicizing his name — irwin cohn===(no relation to harry),,he perfected the hour long teleplay…only LEVINSON/ and LINK could claim that status…..between the untouchables and the invaders.. he literally tought us how to be rivetted to that tv screen without interruption….he made sure that william conrad received his union paychecks too^

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