Faraway Hill Clue on the September 13 Episode of Jeopardy!

The new season of Jeopardy! debuted in first-run syndication less than two weeks ago on Monday, September 12th. I’m already behind and only just had a chance to watch the Tuesday, September 13th episode. It included a category called Broadcasting History during the Jeopardy round. Here’s the $800 clue:

In 1946, “Faraway Hill,” about a widow in love with a man engaged to another woman, brought this genre to network television

One of the contestants rang in with the correct answer: “What is soap opera?”

I wonder, would any of the contestants answered correctly had the question been worded differently and asked for the name of the first network soap opera?

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  1. ….one has to sit back and re-evaluate NBS nyc studios and don pardo and art fleming in the original JEOPARDY series…// a talent like myam bialik…. cant supercede the managing editor,s of our current series…there is a distict pattern with types of questions..fully moronic ones are wedged between obscure tricky ones,,,,,,in fact the original set/ studio at nbc in new york was of such legend(( mrs miller always sat in that studio audience ever since art fleming was under contract.),,,,,,,,,,there hasn/t been an intelligent game show series since 20000 dollar pyramid..!

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