ClassicFlix Bringing 21 Beacon Street (NBC, 1959) to DVD on June 27

ClassicFlix will release short-lived detective drama 21 Beacon Street on DVD on June 27, 2023. The half-hour TV series ran for 13 episodes on NBC as a summer replacement from July to September 1959. You can pre-order the set for just $19.99 from the ClassicFlix website.

Here’s the official description:

Now available for the first time on DVD from ClassicFlix—the rarely seen TV crime drama 21 Beacon Street starring Dennis Morgan!

In the city of Boston, Dennis Chase (Morgan) is the go-to private investigator for law enforcement and citizens alike. With the help of his secretary Lola (Joanna Barnes, Spartacus) street-wise attorney Brian (Brian Kelly, Flipper TV show) and high-tech wiz Jim (James Maloney), Dennis keeps a close watch on law and order by devising clever methods to trap lawbreakers.

A summer replacement for NBC’s popular The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, and in some ways seen as a forerunner to the 1960s crime-action series Mission: Impossible (Beacon creators later sued M.I. producers for plagiarism), 21 Beacon Street was the first TV series produced by Filmways Pictures Corporation, which would later put out such fan favorites as The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres and The Addams Family, among many others.

While former Warner Bros. leading man Dennis Morgan did make occasional guest appearances on television, 21 Beacon Street was his first, and only, shot to star in his own TV series. The 13 episodes in this complete collection include such familiar guest stars as DeForest Kelley, Jerry Paris, Whit Bissell, Anthony Caruso, Steve Brodie, Ted DeCorsia, Barney Phillips, Paul Bryar, Paul Dubov, Harry Bellaver, Henry Corden, Sally Fraser, John Hoyt, Myron Healey, Jean Willes, Alberto Morin, Paul Richards, Joan Taylor, Cyril Delevanti and Donna Douglas.


  • Select episodes have an option to play original commercials

The upcoming release is the first in a new “Rare Television” line from ClassicFlix:

With countless rare and almost never seen classic TV shows unavailable, we’ve started a new line to focus exclusively on such properties and have several more lined up for 2023.

I’m curious to see what other TV shows ClassicFlix has planned for this new line of DVD releases.

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8 Replies to “ClassicFlix Bringing 21 Beacon Street (NBC, 1959) to DVD on June 27”

  1. I’ve never heard of 21 Beacon Street, so I won’t be ordering the DVD set, but I’m pleased to learn of the new Rare Television line of DVDs. So many old TV shows are unavailable to most people, so having another option for obtaining an old and obscure favorite series is always good news. Thank you for publishing this announcement.

  2. Definitely sounds like something to get excited about. More people (Than what powers-that-be and media critics that are willing to admit) are really interested in old and obscure programs that did not see their true potential. Will definitely be thanking and supporting ClassicFlix on this new venture.

  3. thats right!! filmways emerged as a force just as FOUR STAR productions met their foes…then came aaron spelling// danny thomas and bing crosby.. but DONT call it greed or anything……Burke.,s law pilotted HONEY WEST and that template ran its course…we previously mentioned that MIRISCH co; which topped hollywood special effects with RAT PATROL,, IRWIN ALLEN;S time tunnel got ripped off with special effects.. Even stanley kubrick never gave credit for his optics in 2001.. i. e. that split screen that abc movie of the week premiered yet the following season….ths business was always a SUCKERS GAMBLE!!!

  4. I’ve mentioned this at other sites:
    One of the principal writers on 21 Beacon Street was Leonard Heideman, whose career was derailed a few years afterwards when he suffered a psychotic break and killed his wife.
    Heideman was found not guilty by reason of insanity, was confined for several years, and eventually released.
    At that point, some of Heideman’s old friends in the business helped to set his writing career up again; as part of this, Leonard Heideman changed his name to Laurence Heath.
    The ‘Heath’ identity was somewhat established when Mission: Impossible came into being; the producers of Mission – who were well aware of the whole Heideman story – invited ‘Heath’ into the writers fold, where he remained for the entirety of M:I‘s network run – ultimately becoming one of the show’s producers.
    Post-Mission:Impossible, ‘Laurence Heath’ continued as a writer-producer of TV series, up to his passing at the turn of the 20th century – but that’s another story …
    Naturally, I’m looking forward to the 21 Beacon Street DVD.

  5. It’s nice to see a video company dedicating itself to releasing obscure television series from the past for a change.

  6. one additional ponderous fact…. — vic mizzy of reputable fame/ and talent cribbed that finger snapping theme/signature for ADDAMS FAMILY from Warner brother’s 77 SUNSET STRIP!!…….the Warner studios had its complete roster of music talents like livingston & evans // Mac David and a whole crew of talent all unionized of course…*. themes from Hawaiin Eye even Sugarfoot are inimitable…

    1. what another coicidence is clear… frank duVol used this musical inside joke with GREEN ACRES ,,, yet another filmways classic,,,**,that double cadence theme ending with the pitchfork in gabor;s hand is no **..secret===so ed albert’s career revival on the nj.. stage here with YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU owes to his management his entire financial survival….!

  7. werent that sharp! ….. classic flix uploaded a teaser for you tube today.**..! Judging by the sound
    alone ; it didnt stand a chance with any following aaron spelling genre classics== Its music alone didnt have Joseph Mullindores bouncy jazz back-up.. at all.. its worth pointing out here that that sound was the inspirations for ALAN SILVESTRI when he did the music for his solo debut- the DOBERMAN gang!! kiddos…

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