Decades Rebranding as Catchy Comedy on March 27

Digital specialty network Decades will rebrand as Catchy Comedy on Monday, March 27th. Launched in 2015, Decades originally featured a unique format built around a daily theme and a block of repeated programming. That format was slowly phased out before being dropped entirely in 2018.

Catchy Comedy will, as the name suggests, focus exclusively on comedies. Decades currently airs only two dramas: The Millionaire and Dark Shadows. The network also airs The Dick Cavett Show, The Best of The Ed Sullivan Show and the original series Through the Decades, all of which will disappear when Catchy Comedy debuts. The weekend “binge” will continue on Catchy Comedy, however.

You can read more about the rebranding at Variety and TVNewsCheck.

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52 Replies to “Decades Rebranding as Catchy Comedy on March 27”

  1. “Decades” is certainly more reflective of the concept of classics, has a sophisticated and interesting sound and has been a fav of ours for the past few years. We’ll certainly miss Bill Curtis’ “ThroughThe Decades.” The rebranding to “Catchy Comedy”, ridiculous name!

    1. I agree very ridiculous name.
      Why was the TV schedule changed? Because of more Money?
      Why don’t the viewers have a say in what we want to see on tv? Moving those channels elsewhere only drives people to buy cable. Is that what you’re goal is?

    2. I wish I could watch Decades now, i relocated and have cable vision (optimum) don’t have that channel i truly miss all the old times great comedy’s even Dark Shadows I miss it so much. What cable companies offers Decades?

  2. We will also miss Through the Decades. Hope the weekend binge isn’t exclusively comedy. If so, we’ll be tuning out permanently.

  3. Definitely not feeling “Catchy Comedy”. Decades is much better to remind us of classic TV. I enjoy watching; Dick Cavett, Ed Sullivan, and Through the Decades. The weekend binge is not always a comedy and that works for me. Please reconsider this or I may not continue to tune in.

    Thank you

    1. Andrea, if you want Decades to reconsider becoming Catchy Comedy you may want to go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Contact to send them a message. You posted your comment on a web site that discusses television, but is not affiliated with any network, and has no ability to change what will be broadcast.

  4. Variety is the spice of life. Going to a steady diet of classic comedy featuring programs available on other cable channels will wear thin. The weekend binge should be open to broadcast of all types of formats, not just comedy. I admire I Love Lucy, but give it a rest!!! This decision to change format is motivated by getting more advertiser dollars- your audience will tire of repeated servings of sitcoms. You will suffer a decline in viewership. Once viewership wanes, fewer advertising dollars will follow.

    1. Lucy, along with MaryTyler Moore, Dick van Dyke, Family Affair and Petticoat Junction. I never liked those shows when I was younger and now that I have retired they still rub me the wrong way.

  5. Ridiculous name will give it a shot but will probably stop watching altogether and hope sponsors pull out as well

  6. Why don’t they have shows like the Smothers Brothers, SCTV, The Best of Saturday Night Live, Fridays, Donny & Marie, Sonny & Cher, Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters, Hee Haw, and the like?

    1. Because those would cost real money. Instead they go for overused sitcoms. Variety shows are particularly difficult because of the guest stars with possible additional appearance fees and rights.

  7. Whaaat? No Dick Cavett? I won’t be watching. Stupid title for a channel. Do you think we’re all idiots?

  8. First of all leave the name Decades, my first question is, why did the network continuously keep putting reruns of Dark Shadows? Why didn’t the network continue the story? It was a very good story. The April 15th 1968 episode was the last one the network aired. After that it was repeats , over& over again. Now it’s taken off the schedule with no hope of continuing the story. If you put it back on please continue from there.

    1. I agree with you 100% leave the name Decades and I’m pissed because this past Saturday was the last episode of Dark Shadows and I’m used to waking up watching the 5am and 5:30am episodes Monday thru Saturday. I swear these networks need to leave things the way they are because alot of us older folks already love the shows on there. I will not be watching this channel with this stupid name.

    2. I agree 100% I disappointing that it was not being shown on television. I live in California so it comes on in the early morning hours I recorded it. Hopefully dark shadows will be reconsidered.

  9. I watched somewhat regularly and enjoyed “Through the Decades” as well as a few of the weekend special back to back shows that Decades broadcast. I caught their very last one-The Mod Squad-this past weekend. But-it’s only TV., it’s not life and death. If it’s over, it’s over. No point in getting upset over it. Say goodbye to it and move on-get on with your life. I won’t be watching any catchy comedy.

  10. It’s the 27th and the rebranding is complete. I checked and on my cable guide (Comcast/Xfinity) the little logo has already changed from Decades to Catchy Comedy.

  11. What is going on? No Dark Shadows. ! It was one of the best things on your schedule ! Bring it back ! Barnabas should take a bite out of your new schedule !

    1. Well since decades did not show the entire 5 years and kept repeating the same episodes , im happy its gone. Maybe a station can now compete and show all of Dark shadows in its entirety including pre Barnabas

  12. Bring back Dark Shadows! Who cares about some bland comedies that weren’t even funny in the first place? Good comedy would be Married with Children but it’s not on. Dark Shadows is legendary & one of the very few shows that deserves to be in that category.

  13. Decades was interesting. Catchy Conedy is the same old sitcoms available on other stations like Channel 23.1 (METV).

    Why on earth would I watch this new station ever again??

  14. My guess is that they spent a total of about 10 minutes deciding on the name. “Catchy Comedy” has got to be one of the LAMEST names for a TV network ever!

    The change has nothing to do with what is in the best interest of the viewership. I could be wrong, but my understanding is that it’s about being able to be rated by Nielsen so they can make more money on advertising. They really could care less about what the audience wants.

    So I say a regretful R.I.P. to the Dick Cavett Show and the DRAMA shows that were on many of the weekend marathons–great shows like The Fugitive, Peter Gunn, Route 66, Harry O, The Twilight Zone, 77 Sunset Strip, to name a few. And let’s not forget the wonderful “Through the Decades” show hosted by Bill Kurtis.

    I’ve been staying up later on Saturday and Sunday nights enjoying them for about the past two years. The ONLY good thing about the change is that I’ll be able to get a lot more sleep on the weekends because, now, there isn’t any reason to watch that station anymore!

  15. Catchy Comedy SUCKS!!! Bring back ‘The Millionaire’ and the rest of the Decades programming!!

  16. Here’s the thing. We already have Antenna TV, Rewind TV and Laff networks that have all comedy shows (and in the case of Laff, some movies). It seems Weigel (the company that owned Decades) wants to “cash in” and better compete with those audiences. Suffice it to say, what little drama repeats that remain on digital tv are the same-ol’-same-‘ol shows. I was considering buying a new antenna to see if I can get even more digital channels, but I don’t know now. As for Dark Shadows, it is on the Pluto TV app, for now. Streaming is definitely here to stay. DVDs/Blu-Rays/4K discs don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I will stick to my collections and the few streaming subscriptions I do have. Pluto TV is free, by the way.

  17. I looked forward to “through the decades” every day and I will miss it so much!! If they can bring it back some day… I would love it !!

  18. good gosh!!,, and how silly.. We had been looking for sources of THE MILLIONAIRE ever since analogue went out…. Since marvin miller was an alumnus of my school ;; washington university in st. louis. MO.–a whole host of influential forces originated there!!,,,,, from david merrick.. to al hirschfeld…even mary wickes, Agnes Mooreheasd,, and shirly schriff( winters)..wee’ll wait this one out…..

  19. Loved Decades and its nostalgic programming, especially “Through the Decades”, and the non-comedy weekend binges. There’s already too many comedy networks, and I’m guessing 100% comedy will wear thin within weeks!!

    Please tell me you won’t be discontinuing the “Rod, White & Blue” and “Toast to Twilight” Twilight Zone marathon weekends?? Those are extremely unique and have a cult following, but certainly don’t fall in the realm of comedy.

  20. I don’t like catchy comedy and want decades back. I haven’t seen anything funny on catchy comedy

  21. Why did you take so many great shows off? I will miss Petticoat Junction and several others you opted to take off your schedule. 4 episodes a day of Full House? I think you should rethink the lineup.

    1. Susan, as I stated earlier – if you want Decades to reconsider becoming Catchy Comedy you may want to go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Contact to send them a message. You posted your comment on a web site that discusses television, but is not affiliated with any network, and has no ability to change what will be broadcast.

  22. “Dark Shadows” was the best thing on Decades and it could have been even better if the entire series had been aired rather than the same episodes over and over again. As someone else said, “Catchy Comedy” is a ridiculous name, and when I’m in the mood for old mindless sitcoms, I watch Antenna TV, which has a much better lineup. I just checked the new Decades schedule and may as well hide the channel because there’s absolutely nothing of interest anymore.

  23. I can only assume that the channel is looking for a new and different viewer demographic because they sure have turned me – a regular viewer for years – off and I’ll be turning them off. It sounds like I’m not alone.

  24. I agree with all of you people about Catchy Comedy’s schedule Full House doesn’t belong on this channel it is too new for the channel. And Dark Shadows is a better show for the channel and other old Tv shows from the 1950’s 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s that is it
    they do need to remove Full House in the next Tv schedule and have other shows on there. Like Family Affair, The Donna Reed Show, Petticoat Junction and The Millionaire in the morning maybe having Dark Shadows on at 10 am Carol Burnett Show at 11am. Thank you, Jennifer Shellman

  25. I am very sad about this change. I’ve spent this last month trying to find anywhere to watch Through The Decades. It was a nightly show at our house and the channel was in my favorites for easy access. Now I’m removing it. I also loved the old interviews on The Dick Cavett Show. Oh well, another good channel gone.

  26. Not watching your Catchy Station. It stinks. Bring back the variety of Decades. That was real TV. One themed TV stations get old fast. Miss the Decades binge TV.

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