Some Minor Fixes

To be honest, I’m not sure the Monday before Thanksgiving was the best possible moment for launching the “new” Television Obscurities with WordPress. I assume a lot of people spent much of the week with family and friends and not online. On the other hand, with the extra time off maybe people did sit in … Continue Reading →

November’s Most Popular

I’m not sure if anyone is actually interested in this information, so consider the following an experiment. I’ve gone over the site statistics for Television Obscurities (I use AWStats) for November and pulled out some numbers that reflect the most popular articles, exhibits and videos over the course of the last month, as of 10:30PM … Continue Reading →

Irwin Allen Comic Books To Be Reprinted

It was announced last month that publisher Hermes Press will be reprinting all of the comic book tie-ins to Irwin Allen’s television series from the 1960s, originally published by Gold Key.  From a press release found at Newsarama: Hermes Press proudly announces its publication of complete reprints of all of the classic Irwin Allen television … Continue Reading →

The More Things Change…

One of the drawbacks of running your own website, as opposed to simply writing for one, is that you’re in charge of everything. And when, like me, you’re constantly trying to improve the design of your site you can lose focus quickly. And, as much as I hate to admit it, Television Obscurities is just … Continue Reading →

Review – The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Soundtrack

In the interest of full disclosure I should mention that I was sent a promotional copy of The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. soundtrack by Varèse Sarabande as a “thank you” for helping them.  To be honest, I’m not sure I was all that much help.  I was contacted by the company to see if I could … Continue Reading →

New Article – Television Programs in 1941

It took a little longer than I anticipated, but here it is, Television Programs in 1941: On July 1st, 1941, commercial television broadcasting officially began. In New York City, three stations (representing CBS, NBC and DuMont) were on the air. Only NBC had a commercial license but it was CBS that offered the programs on … Continue Reading →

New Exhibit: TV Guide – Behind the Scenes of the 1964-1965 Season

In this exhibit, from TV Guide, “Picture Features” published during the 1964-1965 season.  Check it out here.  This was a fun exhibit to put together.  Lots of behind the scenes pictures from shows like The Tycoon, Gilligan’s Island and The Baileys of Balboai, plus actors like Bill Bixby, Fess Parker and Richard Chamberlain riding bicycles!