Irwin Allen Comic Books To Be Reprinted

It was announced last month that publisher Hermes Press will be reprinting all of the comic book tie-ins to Irwin Allen’s television series from the 1960s, originally published by Gold Key. From a press release found at Newsarama:

Hermes Press proudly announces its publication of complete reprints of all of the classic Irwin Allen television show comic book adaptations: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea; The Time Tunnel; and Land of the Giants. Hermes Press will kick off the series by reprinting Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Volume One in February, 2009.

According to, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Complete Series: Volume One will be published on March 1st, 2009 with a suggested retail price of $49.99. That seems high but you are getting a hardcover book with eight complete issues plus additional content. The press release states that the comics have been “digitally remastered,” which until know was a phrase I had only seen applied to DVDs, but I imagine it means the colors will be vibrant and fresh.

The two issues of The Time Tunnel, with more than 48 pages of additional content, will be published in July 2009 as a softcover collection. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Complete Series: Volume Two (with the final eight issues) comes out in December 2009 plus something called The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, “an-depth art book detailing the behind-the-scenes production designs, special effects and histories of these classic sci-fi television productions together with detailed coverage of Lost in Space.” And finally, in February 2010 the five issues of Land of the Giants will be published as another hardcover.

There was never a comic book version of Lost in Space, at least not while the show was first on television. ICv2 notes that an 18-issue series was published in the 1990s (written by co-star Bill Mumy). Another comic book, this one called Space Family Robinson, was subtitled “Lost in Space” but started before the television series premiered. That seems to have run for almost sixty issues.

So, for fans of Irwin Allen or television comic book tie-ins, keep your eyes out for these reprint volumes.

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