Some Minor Fixes

To be honest, I’m not sure the Monday before Thanksgiving was the best possible moment for launching the “new” Television Obscurities with WordPress. I assume a lot of people spent much of the week with family and friends and not online. On the other hand, with the extra time off maybe people did sit in front of the computer more than usual.

In any case, I’ve fixed a few small issues that popped up during the past week. I had used the wrong spelling when when specifying a color, so it didn’t show up correctly in Internet Explorer and I had forgotten to create a topic at the Television Obscurities Forums for the latest article, Television Programs in 1941. Plus, I had to change all the links to the forums to remove the word “our” now that I’m no longer using the Royal We.

I’m sure there are still some things to be fixed. I’m seeing a lot of odd URLs in my site statistics for Television Obscurities but I’m not sure what they mean at the moment.  I’m hopeful that they don’t represent a lot of people unable to find what they’re looking for. If you ever have problems with the site or find a broken link, please contact me.

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