Batman Trading Cards

According to Old Bubblegum three sets of Batman trading cards were released in 1966 by Topps (the third of which was issued in two versions). The four cards I’ve scanned are from Series 1, known as the “Orange Backs” or “Black Bat” cards. Another set, based on the 1966 feature film, was also released.

Card #3 Front

Card #3 Back

Card #5 Front

Card #5 Back

Card #25 Front

Card #25 Back

Card #55 Front

Card #55 Back


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Boy, were these trading cards popular! {the sticks of gum that came with it were quite tasty as well} 1966 was “The Year Of Batman”, and these cards were just ONE example of that. The idea behind this series of cards, as with virtually every other Topps trading card set dealing with TV characters, was an ongoing “serialized” story on the backs of all 55 cards; in this case, there were also 5 “mini-series” of 11 apiece, within the main story, featuring Batman & Robin fighting their famous “rogues gallery” of villains. The cards were conceived BEFORE the TV series began {the “Cat Woman” is obviously patterned after the one featured in the comic books}. These cards originally cost 5 cents apiece (several in a pack, with one stick of gum), and if one was lucky, it probably would have cost a dilligent fan a few dollars to collect all 55. Today, collecting the entire series now costs several hundred dollars [depending on the dealer offering it to you].

  • Cee Jay says:

    I remember the cards that went with the TV show and had scenes not only from the show but stills from the movie based on the TV show.

  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Those were the later series, ‘Cee Jay’. These examples are from the first set; nobody at Topps knew exactly “how” the TV series looked at the time these were first issued, so they relied on earlier comic book images.

  • Arnie Rimmer says:

    These cards make me a lifelong fan of artist Norm Saunders.

  • David says:

    There is a nice site with a visual guide for batman trading cards

  • Garrison Skunk says:

    Is it just me or does the Cat Woman illustration look like it was originally a painting of the Flash, retouched into Batman colors and pointed ears?

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