Status Guide – Thrills and Chills Everywhere

Thrills and Chills Everywhere, also known as Thrills and Chills, premiered in New York City on Wednesday, August 27th, 1941, roughly two months after commercial broadcasting officially began in the United States. It was initially broadcast by WNBT before moving to DuMont’s experimental station W2XWV in May of 1942. You can read about the program in my article Television Programs in 1941 and in this post that includes quotes from Doug Allen’s book on television production and a review of Thrills and Chills Everywhere from 1944.

The following status guide/broadcast history has been compiled from television listings in The New York Times and must be considered very incomplete. Large gaps exist where no information is currently available. What follows is a list of 37 episodes broadcast between 1941 and 1944. I believe Thrills and Chills Everywhere went off the air in 1946. The program heavily utilized films of exotic animals and adventurous expeditions. While some of these may still be kicking around somewhere it is highly unlikely any footage featuring Doug Allen and his guests exists today.

Incomplete Broadcast History: 1941-1944
Ep. # Airdate Status
*Broadcast Irregularly on NBC Station WNBT*
1. Wed 08/27/1941
 With Faustin Wirkus.
2. Wed 09/10/1941
 With Harold McCracken.
3. Thu 09/25/1941
 With Malcolm Rosholt.
4. Tue 10/07/1941
 With Earl Rossman.
5. Wed 10/15/1941
 With John Wardell.
6. Wed 10/22/1941
 With Vincent Palmer.
7. Tue 11/04/1941
 With Father Hubbard.
*Broadcast Tuesdays at 8:30PM on NBC Station WNBT*
8. Tue 11/25/1941
 With Singapore Joe Fisher.
9. Tue 12/09/1941
 With Roy Phelps.
10. Tue 12/16/1941
 No Information Available
11. Tue 01/06/1942
 With Earl Schenck.
12. Tue 01/20/1942
 With Father Bernard Hubbard.
## Tue 01/27/1942  
## Tue 02/03/1942  
13. Tue 02/10/1942
 With Arthur Menken.
## Tue 02/17/1942  
*Broadcast Wednesdays at 8:30PM on NBC Station W2XBS*
14. Wed 02/25/1942  
 With Herman Bettinger.
15. Wed 03/04/1942  
 With Capt. Bob Bartlett.
16. Wed 03/11/1942  
 With Mrs. Ada Hamilton.
17. Wed 03/18/1942  
 With Sidney Shurcliff
## Wed 03/25/1942  
18. Wed 04/01/1942  
 With Capt. John D. Craig.
19. Wed 04/08/1942  
 With Capt. Bob Bartlett.
*Moves to Sundays at 8:30PM on DuMont Station W2XWV*
20. Sun 05/10/1942  
 With Lewis N. Cotlow.
21. Sun 05/17/1942  
 With Joe Fisher.
22. Sun 11/22/1942  
 No Information Available.
## Sun 11/29/1942  
23. Sun 12/29/1942  
 No Information Available
*Broadcast Every Third Sunday on DuMont Station W2XWV?*
24. Sun 01/03/1943  
 No Information Available
25. Sun 01/24/1943  
 With Howard Cleeves and Paula Le Claire.
26. Sun 02/14/1943  
 With Father Hubbard.
27. Sun 03/07/1942  
 With Dr. William H. Barton.
28. Sun 03/28/1943  
 With Dr. William M. Marston.
29. Sun 04/18/1943  
 With Helge E. Larsen.
30. Sun 05/09/1943  
 With Mrs. Ava H. Singer.
31. Sun 05/30/1943  
 With Father Hubbard.
32. Sun 06/20/1943  
 No Information Available
33. Sun 07/11/1943  
 No Information Available
34. Sun 08/01/1943  
 No Information Available
## Sun 08/22/1943  
35. Sun 08/29/1943  
 No Information Available
36. Sun 09/19/1943  
 With Attilid Gatti.
*No Information Available*
37. Sun 01/02/1944  
 With Armand Dennis


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Incidentally, Doug Allen’s guest on the March 28, 1943 DuMont program was Dr. William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who helped create the modern polygraph (lie detector)…AND the immortal comic book character “Wonder Woman” [as “Charles Moulton”]. He also made very few TV appearances, as he died of cancer in May 1947.

  • jon crylen says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve done some unrelated research on the 5/9/43 guest, Ava Hamilton Singer; it’s likely she showed up with (now lost) 16mm color footage of a volcano eruption shot in Africa. She was the great-great-granddaughter of James Madison’s Secretary of the Navy, Paul Hamilton, and toured the U.S. with her films in the early 1940s. The NYT listings would be the only indication she ever appeared on TV. I wonder if the 3/11/42 guest (“Ada Hamilton”) wasn’t her, as well.

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