Antenna TV’s Fall 2014 Schedule

August 27th, 2014 Update:

It’s new fall schedule may underwhelm but Antenna TV has just announced it will be adding 15 shows to its lineup in 2015: Newhart, The Jeffersons, Mork & Mindy, One Day at a Time, Family Ties, Evening Shade, Leave it to Beaver, Doogie Howser, MD, Mr. Belvedere, Dear John, and and Small Wonder.

Original Post:

Unlike Me-TV, classic television digital specialty network Antenna TV apparently hasn’t done much to get the word out about its new fall schedule, which debuts Monday, September 1st. Last week Me-TV launched a splashy web page about its Fall 2014 lineup. So far, it looks like Antenna TV has just posted a PDF of its schedule to its Facebook page and website.

Antenna TV isn’t adding any new shows next month, unless you count its Saturday educational/information programming. A number of shows are being shuffled around. Hazel will be leaving the schedule while more recent sitcoms The Nanny and Married with Children will be returning after almost a year’s absence. To be fair, I don’t watch a lot of Antenna TV so I can’t say whether there has been any on-air promotion.

Take a look at the new schedule and hit the comments with your thoughts.



  • Meg says:

    I’m glad to see Bachelor father in the afternoon—it is surprisingly well written (aside from the racism of the “house boy”–although Peter does get quite a bit of normal storylines along with ones that make you cringe.)and Noreen Corcoran is a very refreshing actress.

    And Barney Miller is back, so that’s kind of fun. Besides that, I’m glad to see that they kept the hour block of Bewitched on weekday evenings.

  • Hal says:

    Glad to see The Patty Duke Show, Burns and Allen and Rin Tin Tin all staying among others. Would really like to see Antenna pick up Love That Bob/The Bob Cummings Show since they have Bachelor Father.

  • KD says:

    I love the Norman Lear shows except for Good Times. Good Times was only watchable for the first two seasons. After John Amos was let go from the series the show tanked big time; and with Esther Rolle’s absence from the series the show was completely unwatchable.

    Is there any way that Antenna TV can play episodes of Three’s Company that aren’t so badly butchered for extra commercial time? It’s not as bad as TVLand’s practice of shaving five to six minutes off of these episodes, but it’s still a real bummer to watch this show and see the obvious cuts.

    • Lindy says:

      “Good Times” was not a bad show, but Jimmie Walker’s character was so buffoonish it tainted the show. I loved Ja Net Dubois, Bernadette Stanis, Ralph Carter, Johnny Brown and Janet Jackson. They were all very good!

  • Robert says:

    Antenna TV just announced it will be adding 11 shows to its schedule in 2015: Newhart, The Jeffersons, Mork & Mindy, One Day at a Time, Family Ties, Evening Shade, Leave it to Beaver, Doogie Howser, MD, Mr. Belvedere, Dear John, and and Small Wonder.

    Read the full press release here.

  • yvonne says:

    I wish hazel could stay one of my favorite……

  • joan says:

    Sorry hazel was taken off..

  • cheryl says:

    You have great shows like married with children and wkrp, but you put them on too late for some of us that have to get up.

  • Lisa Wagner says:

    I am sorry to see they took Hazel and Jack benny off of there schedule between 4am and 6 pm.

  • Lisa Wagner says:

    It isn’t fair they say post a comment and then I can’t even get it posted.

  • Keep AntennaTV Watchable says:

    I’m beginning to think that Antenna TV has jumped the shark by airing some of the worst TV shows ever to disgrace the airwaves, that being “Married With Children” and “The Nanny.”

    Just because these shows are 20 years old does NOT make them classics! The ’80s, ’90s to current day has given us some of the worst programming ever.

    Now I see the doodle-brains in charge of programming at Antenna TV are digging themselves a deeper grave with future rubbish like “Dear John,” “Small Wonder,” “Doogie Howser,” etc, These shows are junk! Absolute junk! They were junk when they were new and will they will always remain junk!

    What’s next reruns of “Full House,” “The Apprentice” and “Wife Swap?” We all know what happened to Nickelodeon and TV Land. Will the same fate occur with Antenna TV????

  • karen says:

    Loving that Small Wonder and Doogie Howser will be in the line up. 2 of my fave shows as a kid! Thank you for adding some childhood memories :)

  • Charles says:

    I can’t believe Antenna TV would show “Small Wonder” and “Doogie Hauser.” These shows are garbage 1980’s material. I remember these shows when they were new and thought they were horrible! They aren’t classics even if they’re on the cusp of being 30 years old. If this is Antenna TV’s direction with future programming then they’ve lost me as a faithful viewer.

  • Sharon says:

    Would it be possible for nostalgic TV networks to air some of those great, old, PBS instructional shows from the ’70? Inside Out, Think About, Wordsmith, All About You, Tony Salatan’s The Songbag, etc.

  • Jerry says:

    The Jack Benny Program and Burns and Allen need to go. Neither of these shows are funny at all. I miss seeing Hazel. I don’t care for The Patty Duke Show. I’d love to see those terrific Normal Lear shows during late night. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and Forever Fernwood would be a treat to see rerun.

  • Earl says:

    Thank you so much for adding “One Day At A Time” to the schedule. It’s a sitcom that has rarely been seen in syndication and deserves to be shown.

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