Digital Networks Growing More Popular

TVNewsCheck has been taking a look at digital specialty networks (which it refers to as diginets) this week, discussing the fact that some stations have begun placing news on their digital subchannels, the ease with which subchannels can be launched, and the potential to draw millennial viewers with digital subchannels dedicated to programming they’d watch.

The website also took a look at the popularity of classic television on digital specialty networks like Me-TV, Antenna TV and Cozi TV. According to one person quoted in the article, the power of classic TV digital specialty networks like Me-TV and Cozi-TV is that they offer “programming that has been presold to viewers” who find “something reassuring and attractive about movies and TV shows that they have some familiarity with.”

The article includes a table listing the Top 20 digital specialty networks by coverage. Here are how the classic TV networks fare:

Me-TV 83.78%
This TV 76.24%
Antenna TV 61.19%
Cozi TV 36.91%
Retro TV 23.35%

Earlier this year I examined most of the digital specialty networks currently available that feature classic TV: Retro TV, Me-TV, Antenna TV, Cozi TV, My Family TV and This TV. You can find my in-depth review of Cozi TV here.

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  1. Interesting article..I definitely watch top three digital channels because I love retro programming and the classic movie channel, Movies!. With all these great channels, who needs cable/dish? I do not have the need nor the affordability for it.

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