Me-TV Launches Today

A few weeks ago I wrote about the launch of the national MeTV Network (Memorable Entertainment Television), which was supposed to take place last week on Wednesday, December 8th. Instead, it will launch today in an unknown number of cities. The News Blog has a little bit more information, including the news that MGM will be in charge of distributing the network (as it does with THIS TV) and how the local MeTV/MeToo stations in Chicago and Milwaukee will change now that the national network is on the air.

Still no word on a list of affiliates. According to the following post at the Sitcoms Online Message Boards:

UPDATE: As for national Me-TV affiliates… they won’t be announced soon. They are just getting started and in most markets have a couple of options that have to be explored and negotiated. So they are not in a rush, and hope people understand this takes more than “flipping a switch” for a broadcaster to commit to programming.

The official Me-TV Network website has been updated with a search box in which you enter your zip code and see if the network is available in your area. There is also a new list of frequently asked questions, many of which have to do with watching the network, and a schedule that includes episode descriptions.

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