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The FFC mandated transition to digital television allowed stations to begin broadcasting digital subchannels in addition to their primary channel. Depending on the market, subchannels are available over-the-air (i.e. 30.1, 30.2, 30.3) as well as on cable. Over the next few days I’ll be examining a number of what I call “classic television digital specialty networks” which are distributed primarily via digital subchannels. In most cases, affiliates have the option of taking some or all of the national feed, meaning their schedules may not match the national schedule.

Cozi TV

Launched: December 2012
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Formerly known as NBC Nonstop, a digital network for NBC’s owned and operated stations, Cozi TV had a soft launch in December 2012 prior to its official launch on January 1st, 2013. You can read my January 7th review of the network here. As of January 2016, Cozi TV had 85 affiliates covering more than 75% of the country. You can check to see if it is available in your area at the Cozi TV website.

When it first launched, the network aired a mixture of classic television shows, old movies and lifestyle program. Now it just airs TV shows, many from the 1980s and 1990s. Some of the older shows are Adam 12, The Lone Ranger, The Dick Van Dyke Show, My Favorite Martian, Charlie’s AngelsLassie, and Make Room for Daddy.

Newer shows include The A-Team, Hart to Hart, Quantum Leap, Miami Vice, and Murder, She Wrote. The most recent additions to the Cozi TV schedule are Frasier, Quincy, M.E., and Little House on the Prairie–they joined Cozi TV in September 2016.

Depending on how you watch Cozi TV (cable vs. over-the-air) the first thing you’ll probably notice while watching Cozi TV is the aspect ratio. Here’s how I described it in my January 2013 review, based on watching the network over-the-air:

There are black bars on all four sides rather than the more familiar top and bottom bars (“letterbox”) or right and left bars (“pillarbox”). Bars on all four sides is called “postage stamp” or “windowbox” and is the result of 4:3 SD content being up-converted for 16:9 HD widescreen use and then downconverted when viewed on a 4:3 SD set. You can read more about formats and aspect ratios in this paper prepared for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).

Interestingly, while most of the shows seen on Cozi TV maintain their original 4:3 aspect ratio, some have been cropped or stretched to 16:9 widescreen. Here are some screen shots of Charlie’s Angels in widescreen:

Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels

It appears all episodes on Cozi TV are edited to fit more commercials. I timed a number of episodes for my review and found most were cut and later recorded and timed a few more episodes. All were missing 4-6 minutes: Charlie’s Angels (43:52), The Lone Ranger (21:53) and Alias Smith and Jones (43:36). When it launched, closing credits were not squeezed for promotional spots, but at some point that changed and the network now squeezes credits on most or all of its shows and also cuts out closing credits entirely for some shows.

The network features a rather large bug in the lower right hand corner, although it is slightly more transparent than it used to be. At the start of every show there is also a large TV rating icon. And at least once an hour stations must identify themselves. It all adds up to a lot of clutter:

Cozi TV's Clutter

If you’re a Cozi TV viewer, hit the comments with your thoughts.

Revised October 4th, 2016

15 Replies to “Classic TV on TV: Cozi TV”

  1. Not the biggest fan of Cozi TV. I don’t like that vapid lifestyle-type programming, nor do I like the snarky promos that make fun of the old shows they’re running. They do run Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman, which I love, but most everything else of note except The Virginian can be seen on the other classic TV sub-channels. Also hate the squished-in aspect ratio.

    1. I’ve seen “The Virginian” on INSP (Inspiration TV) in the past, and while the closing credits are superimposed at the bottom of the screen (which is what TV Land does now also, and makes pausing & rewinding difficult since my DVR’s timing bar appears in the exact same place), at least these stations HAVE closing credits, which is more than I can say for COZI. COZI has “The Dick Van Dyke Show” DVD-quality copies, along with the Brownstein production logo, but completely skips the closing credits, going from director & writer credits to the Briwnstein logo.

  2. I like cozi tv for charlies angels, bionic man and woman and of course the long ranger. Once I even saw an interesting commercial for home repairs. You could signup and book home repairs online and get a $100 credit for doing so. Even after seeing the commercial twice I still forgot the name of the company doing it. So I decided to post a question on their facebook page about it to see if anyone remembered it. Of course Cozi TV deleted my question.

  3. Lots of commercials! Yuck.
    I’d rather buy the shows used on E-bay and then sell them when I was done watching. No commercials and full episodes.

  4. Lassie is no longer on in the morning from 6:00-7:00 and has been replaced with Highway to Heaven. I’m sure this has made some people happy others – like us – not so much. Why not replace those idiotic info- mercials with Lassie? Also show the episodes in order starting with Jeff’s Collie.

  5. this channel would be one of my favorites except they have chopped up the shows to squeeze in an insane amount of commercials! 7 minutes of the shows are missing so they can cram in more and more commercials. not interested. i will watch another channel or just buy the shows and put them in the dvd player. network tv idiots like these are the reason television will be dead.

  6. I love Cozi TV and watch daily. Could you get more and different commercials? It gets really old watching the same ones EVERY comercial break. And the ones you play are horrible. I’m just about to the point of turning to another chanel and watching another show just to get away from the commercials.

    Please help.

  7. “The closing credits are not squeezed for promotional spots nor are there voiceovers.”

    Apparently this has changed in the last year. Now, COZI-TV lops off ALL closing credits, at least off its classic shows. For its Dick Van Dyke Show reruns, it even goes to the trouble of showing the Carl Brownstein logo (from the DVDs) after deleting the closing credits from between it and the director/writer credits near the end of the show. :(

  8. COZI SUCKS! The way they butchered up Charlie’s Angels is an outrage! I grew up watching Charlie’s Angels and I can clearly spot the numerous deleted scenes in every episode I’ve seen on COZI. The pre commercial bump was also deleted, along with the closing credits! WHY? And to have to endure the hideous, compressed, broadcast format that COZI uses is beyond stupid! Thanks for nothing COZI-TV, you fella’s SUCK!

  9. Why did you take the 2 morning shows of Wyatt Earp and put on
    the Dick Van Dyke show which we never watched when it was new.
    Bring back my Wyatt Earp.

  10. Cozi Tv I was watching the Munsters tonight and it was the episode about the group the Standells. There was a scene where Lily sang a song and it was completely deleted.It was a good song and she sang it beautifully and I couldn’t believe it was edited.Was looking forward to it also. How could we enjoy our favorite old shows if good scenes are deleted,just for more stupid commercials.Also your commercial breaks are way too long.Unacceptable. Why be a station that shows old classic shows if you are going to butcher them. We go to your channel because we want to revisit the good old shows we used to watch to get away from these awful new shows they make today and you could at least show them in their entirety. Please don’t be money greedy with extra commercials.


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