Cozi TV Adding Fantasy Island, Starsky & Hutch and Hart to Hart

Cozi TV announced earlier this week that it will be adding Fantasy Island, Starksy & Hutch and Hart to Hart to its lineup “in the coming months” as well as dozens of movies. No word on exactly when the shows will be joining the network’s schedule.

The classic television digital specialty network quietly added The Name of the Game and Run for Your Life to its lineup early last month, as well as The Deputy.

Cozi TV currently airs primarily big name fare like Charlie’s Angels, Marcus Welby, M.D. and The Six Million Dollar Man but it also shows some less well-known shows such as Banacek and Mr. and Mrs. North.

17 Replies to “Cozi TV Adding Fantasy Island, Starsky & Hutch and Hart to Hart”

  1. I loved watching fantasy island as a child.. It was one of my most favorite shows..
    Please and Thank you add it to your list of shows

    1. I stay awake on Friday to watch my favorite 3 back to back Hart to Hart also love McMillan and Wife. Murder she Wrote and a lot of mystery series like Murdoch mysteries and Miss Marple. Reington Steele.

  2. Glad to hear that you’re adding “HART TO HART” to your fall line-up. It was an excellent show and the cast was great…..thanks, COZI for bringing back quality TV.

  3. I would like to know the aired date and time of theese programs I too saw the commercial. But need date time fantasy island was as long running as love boat
    Hoping they air all. 8 seasons. I believe eight…of fantasy island

    1. So far, Cozi TV has revealed that Fantasy Island will debut on December 8th while Hart to Hart and Starsky & Hutch are scheduled to join the network in 2014.

  4. Miami Vice, Cop Rock, Max Headroom are some of the awesomest shows ever. They really need to be shown again. Would also like to see Americas Got Talent and the Voice of passed episodes reshown.

  5. Put air wolf. And be jay and the bear. And more a team. Alf. Picky buster. Give me a break. Face of life and more baywatch.

  6. bring back a.l.f. and mcgyver. at night anhogan heroes at 10p.m.and fantasyisland during the day big valley and daniel boone

  7. Please don’t turn your station into garbage. Rosanne is trash. I grew up on “Starsky & Hutch”. And “Dr. Quinn” with Jane Seymour, good viewing. When I seen you put “Charlie’s Angels” on, I thought more 70’s shows would follow. “Spenser For Hire” is good too!

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