Me-TV Launches Summer of Me Schedule on May 26th

Classic television digital specialty network Me-TV, currently available in 91% of the country, will launch its 2014 “Summer of Me” schedule on May 26th. The new schedule hasn’t yet been posted to the Me-TV website. I’m not very familiar with Me-TV’s current lineup but based on a quick comparison with the current schedule, it looks like a few shows previously seen on Me-TV, like Bosom Buddies, Leave It to Beaver, The Mod Squad and Happy Days, are returning this summer. I believe The Mod Squad will also be joining the national Me-TV schedule for the first time this summer.

Taking a break are shows like Rhoda, Hawaii Five-0 and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Also, the Friday night “Me-TV Made for TV Movie” block is going away.

Although understandable, it’s too bad Me-TV (and similar specialty networks like Cozi TV and Antenna TV) is focusing primarily on the big name “classic” TV shows, constantly shuffling the same programs around its schedule rather than branching out and airing some lesser-known shows. There are a few exceptions, like The Rebel and Mr. Lucky on Me-TV or Mr. and Mrs. North and The Deputy on Cozi TV.

What would you like to see on Me-TV this summer, if you were in charge of scheduling?


  • Hal says:

    F TROOP returns after a brief hiatus, Wednesday nights for an hour 9-10 CT. BILKO, DOBIE GILLIS and CAR 54 remain on the weekend schedule, though it would be nice to see these classics get some prime time exposure at some point.

  • David says:

    Nanny and the Professor, My World and Welcome to It, Love on a Rooftop, He and She

    • Robert says:

      Believe it or not, I was also thinking about how neat it would be to see He and She on Me-TV.

      • David says:

        I have seen a couple episodes of “He and She” on YouTube. It has the feel of an MTM show. Another show I would like to see on Me-TV is “Good Morning, World.” I saw an episode or two about 25 years ago. That one was like watching “The Dick Van Dyke Show” in color and set at a radio station instead of in a writer’s room of a variety show. It is on DVD. I really should purchase it.

  • Sil says:

    I’d like seeing Mannix and Medical Center again. I’ve recently discovered the first 4 seasons of Medical Center are available on DVD, but of course, I’d rather save a ton of money and watch on TV. I wonder if that is why we don’t see more series, because of ownership rights etc and companies being greedy and only selling them as DVDs.

  • I like to see Petticoat Junction, Family Affair The Doona Reed Show, at 5:aA.M. Enough is enough with the infomercials already Listen to your viewers!

  • Martin says:

    I’d like to see the return of The Rockford Files on a daily basis, The Wild Wild West, The Land of the Giants and the Time Tunnel. It also would be nice for MeTV to video stream it’s programming live like some networks as Fox News does and our local stations do during the local news hours.

    • I whole handily agree. Great suggestion.These shows will always be classics.I’m sure it will enhance Me-Tv’s ratings.That’s the bottom line.7?‘.

      Greg- avid viewer
      May 11, 2014– 5:00 pm Pacific

  • Tom Avallone says:

    Baretta & Carter Country.

  • S.L.S. says:

    I would like to see some of the good old cartoons back on Saturday mornings. On Friday’s movie night, how about some good old classic Disney movies. Try a few different show during the week days besides westerns all afternoon. Agree with the person about seeing “MANNIX; MEDICAL CENTER, COME BACK, OR HAZEL,NANNY & THE PROFOSSOR, CHEYENNE, JUST TO NAME A FEW.

  • Amy says:

    I’d love to see “The Wonder Years” as well as “Brooklyn Bridge”, which was similar to “The Wonder Years” but only ran for two short seasons in the early ’90s.

    • Claud says:

      The wonder years – yeah, that would be nice.

      Please , please bring back “taxi” on Tuesday nights just Like before, Or any other night of the week. It is a great show and many people want to keep it on here. And please keep Rhoda on, and bring on Three’s Company!

  • Rosemary Famiglietti says:

    Can you please put “That Girl’ back on? That is my favorite show and you took it off last year. Please put it back on the summer schedule.

    Thank you!

  • maurine amend says:

    yeah for keeping rifleman best show ever

  • Dawn says:

    I loved St. Elsewhere in the ’80s.

  • Michelle says:

    It would be nice to see some of them good oldies from the 80’s like land of giants,mannix,the mod squad,the rookies,medical center,and Barretta and time tunnel to name a few. It would be nice.

  • Bonnie Altenburg says:

    Please do not take away gilligans island it id a family and alpt of friends favorite very disappointed the last half was taken away

  • frances ilona hart says:

    I love the old shows…columbo, mr belvedere, ed sullivan, variety shows from the 60’s and 70’s…..I dream of jeannie, mash, hogans heroes are overplayed
    More variety..maybe knots landing, dynasty, dallas..leave it to beaver getting stale..keep original hawaii five o on please..overall great channel!

    • Alana says:

      Wow yes.I am so tired of seeing Hogans Heroes and sick to death of western type shows,Bonanza,etc. Ive always hated those,always hate when the whole day is filled with those.TVLand fills the afternoon with Bonanza and westerns also. Why cant METV have shows like One Day At A Time, all in the Family,The Jeffersons,Hazel? I have switched over to mostly watching Antenna TV lately due to poor choices on ME. Taxi Id love to see back. Mr Belvadere would be cool yes. I think the rights might be hard to get for some good shows. I asked Antenna TV if they could add One Day At A Time as well, and they told me they cant get the rights for it. Maybe METV could? I agree MASH is great but well overplayed.Bonanza overplayed. Why does no one show Little House on the Prarie?Beverly Hillbillies? Addams Family?Munsters? I love those shows.

  • carrie hardee says:

    I would like to see the a team or dukes of hazard. Family affare or Beverly hill billies good old nice shows that make me fell good

  • Kathleen says:

    I would love to see Alf again-that show was so funny. The Golden Girls was a really good show. Mannix is a good detective show and I like Family Affair. I think kids would love Popeye and Tom and Jerry and all those not a care in the world cartoons we grew up with. I would love some old movies but not run over and over again. The Fintstones-Woody Woodpecker-Casper great lineup. I never tire of the Honeymooners or how about the old Password show. My mother the car?

  • I would love to see these old series, The Ghost And Mrs. Muir, My Mother The Car, Mannix, Barnaby Jones, Medical Center, and The Fugitive. I wish The Alfred Hitchcock Hour came on a few hours earlier so that people who have to get up to work the next morning could watch it. I wish that the Honeymooners would come on at least 5 nights a week and be on early enough that I could watch it. I would also love to see some of the old classic cartoons on the weekends.

  • Ivory Ribbons says:

    Please add Cheyenne, 77 Sunset Strip, Ben Casey, Sugarfoot, Broco Lane, Adventure in Paradise, Dr. Kildare. NYPD,

  • Dee Lew says:

    Please bring back Love American Style. Would also like to see Marcus Welby, MD, Fantasy Island, Wait ‘Till Your Father Gets Home, Partridge Family.
    Happy Days can be seen on several other channels.

  • Ernestine Bassett says:


  • Jan says:

    Would love to see McCloud, Hart to Hart, Mannix, and McMillen and Wife. Would like ME to keep Hawaii Five O and Columbo.

  • KEVIN says:

    really do miss hawaii 5-0,, and ironside–can’t we find an hour somewhere to put these classics back–hope they return in the fall

  • jamie williams says:


  • jamie williams says:


  • Claud says:

    Please , please bring back “taxi” on Tuesday nights just Like before, Or any other night of the week. It is a great show and many people want to keep it on here. And please keep Rhoda on, and bring on Three’s Company!

  • pauline meikel says:

    Please bring back hawaii 50. I think u should start showin old commercials. and wrestlling.

  • John says:

    I really wish that The Mary Tyler Moore Show would air seven days or nights a week in an unedited, uncut format. I wonder if the original 35MM masters of MTM exist? The “remastered,” butchered, syndicated 16MM prints that are transferred to videotape for rebroadcast are an insult to one of the greatest TV comedies ever made.

    I also wish that MeTV would start showing programs that haven’t been in syndication in a long, long time. Room 222 for instance was a terrific comedy drama. A well written, brilliantly cast, well acted dramedy that would be a welcome addition to a classic TV network. Another forgotten gem was the short lived but lovable sitcom Angie that starred Donna Pescow and Robert Hays. As for detective and police dramas Barnaby Jones, Police Woman and SWAT would be welcome choices. Robert Blake in Beretta would be great too.

    YouTube is about the only choice where one can go to see these infrequently seen gems. And the you won’t have to suffer the travesties of butchered formats, cut footage and commercial galore.

    • Randy says:

      I’ve often wondered if “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and other MTM titles were actually shot on 35mm film. I remember that all of them looked grainy like 16mm during the original network run, The remasters of them may actually reflect the master material with the particular kind of film stock and “look” they were going for.

  • janine says:

    We live in California, Kern county, and suddenly our MeTV just stopped.
    is there a way to find out which of our local stations run and air MeTV?


  • Charrie says:

    metv please, please, please put on some of the best shows ever made like Cosby, Rosanne, Fresh Prince Of Bell Air, Marryed With Children, Silver Spoons, Full House, Alf, Sienfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, My Two Dads The Nanny. These shows were the best comedys ever made. Not everybodys wants to see the real old stuff made 50 years ago cause its boring and not funny.

    • Ken says:

      If this poster, “Charrie,” is serious with his/her comment then I truly feel deep pity for this person. Those “best shows ever made,” that “Charrie” feels are so superior are not the programs that true classic TV enthusiasts admires. Not by a long shot! “Rosanne,” “Married With Children,” “The Nanny” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” are, in my book, trashy programs. The “humor” that these shows provide is raw to say the least. The only reason why someone might say that these modern shows (1980’s to present) are “the greatest” is because they’re too young to be able to identify with quality comedies from the ’50s to the ’70s. “Charrie” is definitely in the minority here.

  • Erin says:

    Where did Hazel go?

  • KATHY BROWN says:

    Oh…”PLEASE” Bring back Hawaii 5-0 with Jack Lord. There is only one Hawaii
    5-0 is this is it. Jack Lord was a class act! I never get tired of watching him. He owned that part!!!! I hope we will see him again soon and more episodes too. Also, The Untouchables with Robert Stack is really good too. Get ride of Gilligan’s Island off and F Troop. I never liked them when they were made. Foolish…not even funny! I would love to see Dr. Kildare & The FBI

  • Ken says:

    I heard that MeTV is going to be airing “The Nanny” and “Married With Children.” If this is true, then what in the devil is MeTV thinking? Those two shows are anything but classics. They’re trashy shows from an era of when television really lost it and never recovered. I sincerely hope that MeTV isn’t going to follow the same route that TVLand took by abandoning its core viewers by airing modern day rubbish.

  • Cathy says:

    Hey everyone, do you remember Anything But Love with Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Lewis? How about Perfect Strangers? I think those would be great to see again. Moonlighting and Dynasty would be fun too. I know it’s difficult to get the rights to a lot of these programs and sometimes extremely expensive to purchase, even if they can get the rights. Well, I do love the station and definitely most of the programming. Most of the suggestions above are great too!

  • angela says:

    Please bring back rhoda .I miss it for your 2015January line up

  • judy says:

    Bring back hawaii five o with jack lord and add medical center with chad Everett.

  • dave wamsley says:

    how about putting the untouchables back on the air. love watching the old black and white shows

  • Barb says:

    It has been fun seeing Mod Squad again and I was excited to see Mannix on the March 2015 lineup. What about The Rookies too. That’s another oldie but goodie!

  • Paul says:

    I would like to see Leave it to Beaver come back. Also miss Dick Van Duke. One I haven’t seen in a long time is My Favorite Martian and McHale’s Navy. I would love to see those again.

  • jerry says:

    Would like to see The wild wild west, High chaaparral

  • Katrina Franklin says:

    please bring back bewitched!!

  • Frances maucelli says:

    What a bout Andy Griffith instead of Maybery RFD not that I don’t like it it is that I like Andy better what about more westerserns and more comedies anything that is an oldie but a goody

  • robert asklar says:

    bring back LOST IN SPACE on saturday nite at 8pm edt…

  • kim says:

    Enough already with Brady Bunch, Gilligan, and Saved by the Bell. Time for those shows to go away for a permanent hiatus. Especially Brady Bunch and SBTB. There are so many good old shows out there, why are these being played over and over for hours on end?

    I would also like to see Rockford Files and MASH take a break for a bit and the westerns on the weekend.

    Love seeing the old Mystery Movies like MacMillan, but wish they were on a bit earlier.